Love Sewing Magazine, Lazy Days Summer Dress (issue 16)

Well, this is more of ‘Lazy Days Autumn Dress’, but my daughter is very happy with it nevertheless πŸ™‚


I had plenty of leftovers from my Astoria, so was keen to come up with another project for this lovely material. I was tempted to run up another Coco top, but to be honest, think they would have ended up too similar. My next thought was the Mini Ruby for my daughter, featured in Love Sewing magazine, but when I refound the pattern I was disappointed to realise that it was designed for wovens only. After some further flicking, I stumbled upon this Lazy DaysΒ Summer DressΒ (also LS) pattern, designed for knits. The only problem was that it was designed to fit ‘an average six-old’. My daughter is seven and pretty tall, but it wasn’t too far out… imageimage

I found one of her favourite RTW dresses from Joules, which has plenty of length in it for another year (fingers crossed…) and used the dimensions from this to enlarge the pattern. This is the first time I’ve attempted to alter sizing but thought it was probably about time I gave it a go… I used my posh, new pattern paper I acquired with my G and G order, which made it a whole lot easier. Why haven’t I used this stuff before?


I had to use up every last bit of fabric, but I just about managed. πŸ™‚ The construction of the bodice was really easy, much the same as the Astoria or Coco. I love it when you barely need the instructions and can just follow the order. However my tempestuous relationship with my overlocker reared its ugly head (it’s certainly a love/hate one, does anyone else feel like this about theirs?). Despite my best efforts, it was still producing what I can only describe as ‘gap-py’ seams, ugh! I’d paid a lot for this fabric, so I wanted it to last and forced myself to stop.

Although I haven’t had my overlocker that long, I have used it a lot so thought it was about time it had a service. There’s a machine shop right near my parents’ house, so I reluctantly handed it over to my Mum before we left for America (separation anxiety anyone?) My Mum must have used her Welsh charm on the man though, as he took a look at it with her and the bodice of this dress, had a quick fiddle with the dials and declared it a tension problem only. Within five minutes he’d fixed it and said it didn’t yet need a full service, refusing any payment! What a lovely man and I’ll definitely be sending my Mum back to him next time too πŸ˜‰

So, much though I’ve been itching to apply all the great tips you all suggested to fix my problem jacket, I forced myself to finish this wip off before I got started. The much higher tension he gave me worked perfectly. It’s set at 2775 now, so I’ll definetly remember this for other sweatshirt weights. It was interesting that the settings on each dial were so different, I’d been tending to have them all pretty similar…

The rest of the dress came together pretty easily. I had to take a bit of width out of the skirt because of the thicker fabric, but other than that it was really simple. The only thing I’m not fully sure about is the waistband which has a tendency to flick up, despite pressing it firmly down with the iron. I may well stitch it down at each side to prevent this, but I think it’s just part of the design. It’s come up pretty big on her, but hopefully that means I can get two Winters out of it. She loves the look and fleecy-backed fabric as much as me πŸ™‚



27 thoughts on “Love Sewing Magazine, Lazy Days Summer Dress (issue 16)

  1. Lucky girl! The dress looks lovely, and so comfortable. My daughter is leafing through my old copies of Love Sewing magazine as I type this because she seems to think I’m going to make her something. Possibly the Ruby dress at some point in the future!

    • Thank you! I loved the Mini Ruby dress too. I think it was the dropped waist on this that had initially put me off (looks awful on me), but it suits my daughter surprisingly well πŸ™‚ Good luck on whatever she decides on!

  2. Your daughter looks adorable here, and the dress is perfect! What great info from that lovely man, and congratulations on solving your quandary. Does that qualify him for a few homemade scones/biscuits on your next visit? I’ve been known to say thank you that way. xx

  3. This dress looks great and seems to be a hit with your daughter! Glad the overlocker is ok – I had separation anxiety for three weeks while my sewing machine was being fixed! πŸ˜‰

  4. Tension is the thing I’m finding hard to master on my overlocker! (Though I’ve just booked a lesson so hopefully I’ll be a bit wiser soon!) The dress looks great – and your daughter looks very pleased with it! She models it very well!!

    • Thank you! I thought I had tension ‘sorted’, but apparently not… Still, it’s taught me that the dials may need setting at very different levels to get it right. Good luck with your lesson πŸ™‚

  5. It’s lovely – well done for getting it finished before starting something else! Your daughter certainly looks like she loves it! I’m not sure if I have the issue with this pattern in 😦

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  7. What a lovely man – it’s not often you come across this kind of attitude! Your daughter certainly looks pretty pleased with her new dress, it suits her a treat.

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