Summer Holiday #sundaysevens, Week 3


I loved making and marking’s recent post referring to an article she’d spotted recently, stating that everyone needs three hobbies in their lives: one to earn you money; one to keep you fit and one to just enjoy (or something along those lines). So true! My love of reading led me into teaching (and marking), which clearly funds me. I enjoy most physical activity, but yoga is most certainly my favourite, and helps to keep me fit both physically and mentally. And then of course there’s sewing (and knitting)… The only problem with my particular three hobbies of choice is that they collectively add up to a huge amount of clutter 😦

So I’ve dedicated this week to banishing the clutter, or at least attempting toΒ tameΒ it...Β On Monday I finally set about creating a designated, sewing zone in our spare room. For ages now this bureau has housed my school work, but I can’t actually remember the last time I used it as a desk – it’s far more likely to be where I shove all those items I have no other ‘home’ for moments before visitors are due to arrive… Hmmmm…

At the same time my sewing clutter has been progressively clogging up more and more space around the house: a corner here, a few bits there… The solution was obvious, if hugely time-consuming! If you’re particularly bored you can play spot the difference between the first photo and Tuesday’s, when I clearly needed to find homes for the huge pile of ‘stuff’ still on the floor (cunningly not photographed, Thimberlina you’re a lot braver than me ;-)). The fact that the bureau is full already does not however bode well, but it’s a start! Sewing magazine subscriptions (and their free patterns) lead to a ridiculous amount of stuff, which is lovely for inspiration, but I cannot go on like this… Enough for now though. And I finally have a sewing space, hurrah!


On Wednesday I set about de cluttering the playroom, seriously this was a job and a half! Luckily we’d planned to meet up with friends at Dunham Massey for the kids to run off some energy in the afternoon (photo from a while ago sorry, I totally forgot to take a fresh one). On ThursdayΒ after even more sorting and tidying, it was time for Mr Jink’s annual check-up at the vet’s: needless to say he was seriously unimpressed!


By Thurday, I was keen to get some sewing done, so I attempted to alter a pattern designed for an average six year old, to my daughter’s size, which at a guess is that of an average eight year old. I’ve never done this before, but so far, so good… On Friday I went to a very lively Zumba class at my gym: must be the holiday season!


And later on Saturday (though I’m counting it as Sunday’s photo), I went for a relaxing and much needed pedicure.

Now that the house is more-or-less in order, I’m hoping to enjoy spending the rest of the Summer just messing around with the kids. For more details on #sundaysevens head over to Nat’s site at Threads and Bobbins. Hope everyone a little further South is enjoying better weather than us, it seriously wouldn’t be hard…




13 thoughts on “Summer Holiday #sundaysevens, Week 3

  1. Always love to read your Sunday Sevens, and I was especially honoured to get a mention in this one :-)) It amused me that there were some similarities between our weeks, my dogs also had vaccinations this week plus I spent yesterday trying to find the carpet in the spare room as it had become such a dumping ground! Perhaps all teachers have similar summer holiday rituals! Good that you also got chance for a pedicure and some time with friends, sounds like a lovely and productive week πŸ™‚

    • πŸ™‚ I’ve been itching to have a good clear out for months now, but term time so busy! You’re right, I think it must be a common teacher holiday pattern. There’s still a few clutter-spots that need busting, but I feel like the worst is over, roll on some more relaxed weeks now…

  2. Yep, we are enjoying a few days of sunshine down South – so much so that there may be a picture of us eating Sunday lunch in the garden when I post my Sunday Sevens later! Perfect use for the bureau, I reckon, it makes a great sewing space. I’m not showing you a photo of my feet though, my nail varnish is seriously chipped….

  3. Ooooh I’m jealous of your sewing bureau! But we’ve had glorious sunshine today, outside all day kind of weather, so I suppose that makes up for my lack of special sewing space πŸ˜€ I hope you get lots of sunshine soon to show off your fancy feet!

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