Another Astoria… #Coletteseamworks


Regular readers probably saw this one coming, but yes, I needed one of these in navy blue 🙂

Again I cut a size medium, adding an additional inch to the length of the bodice. What more can I say? I absolutely love this version too! Please be warned, this may not be the last Astoria you see around here…



36 thoughts on “Another Astoria… #Coletteseamworks

    • Hi, the fabric is the same as last time, just in a different colour way. I think it was officially called ‘navy flecked fleece-lined sweat Shirting’ from Guthrie and Ghani’s online site.

  1. Ahh I can’t keep up!!! I love this one – you know I like navy blue rather a lot too! I love the swishy hair in the second photo too! You’ve swapped your skirts for Astorias!! 😀

  2. Wow, another fab Astoria this ones my favorite so far. The navy fabrics lovely. You’re seriously tempting me to subscribe to seamwork magazine.

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