Summer Holidays #sundaysevens, Week 2

Sunday Sevens is hosted by Nat over at her site Threads and Bobbins, and is a round up of the week’s smaller events and achievements, that otherwise wouldn’t merit a post of their own. To join in, head over to Nat’s site to find out more.

My children have still been at school this week, so I spent the majority of my week days on my exam marking, now finally finished, hurrah! As a result I’ve been a little ‘creative’ with my images this week, spreading my photos from the weekend out a little…


Monday saw the arrival of my ‘treat’ fabrics and tailor’s ham from Guthrie and Ghani’s online shop. The cream I’ve already broken into, see here. And the others have all been carefully thought out, to hopefully, become wardrobe favourites. On Tuesday one of my ‘breaks’ from marking was to get some long-neglected hand washing done, something I don’t actually mind doing when I have a bit more time. Finally I can see the bottom of our laundry basket!


On Wednesday I had a go at making Deliciously Ella’s raw brownies. I still can’t quite believe that these are actually healthy :-). On Thursday I did some errands at our nearby town, and managed to pick up these from a charity shop. I only read Du Maurier’s Rebecca a year or so ago, even though it’s one of those books I feel that I should have read years ago. So I was delighted to pick up her other great novel and a sequel written by Sally Beauman.


At the weekend we went to Tatton Park Flower show with my husband’s parents. Above left is one of the lovely, water-feature gardens and on the right is the procession which our children loved. I also managed to locate a lovely, craft stall in one of the exhibit tents, below left. I’ve been meaning to get a couple of these Oliver and S patterns for my daughter for a while, so this seemed the perfect excuse…


That’s all for this week. The children finished school on Friday, so next week will be more about keeping them occupied. The weather looks dreadful though, so will have to get my thinking cap on…

Hope everyone has had a good week too,



25 thoughts on “Summer Holidays #sundaysevens, Week 2

  1. Wow – can’t believe that’s your schools finally broken up – the schools here finished the end of June!! Looks like a great week though – the fabric for the Oliver and s pattern looks epic!

  2. Love the fabric with the bunnies! This is making me realize a woeful lack of bunny fabric in my life. 😉

    I hope you enjoy your summer break and best of luck with your weather!

  3. What a variety of a week for you – thank you for sharing. Will have look up that brownie recipe, as they look yummy! July does seem late for your school to break up, as here in the US they’ve been out since June. A rainy week coming – best of inspiration keeping them busy, and with getting into more of your treats from G&G!

  4. I always enjoy reading your holiday Sunday Sevens 🙂 Glad your marking is all over at last, it’s so nice being able to buy something you wouldn’t have ordinarily as a trade off for extra work. The fabric you’ve bought in the last picture is gorgeous! What’s next on your sewing agenda?

    • They’re actually two very cute buttons, although they only have one hole each, so I guess more decorative than anything else. My daughter is obsessed with rabbits, so was delighted with them 🙂

  5. Healthy brownies? Where can I get THAT recipe? I procrastinate for literally weeks about hand washing and then, when it’s done, I realise it’s not that bad. Is that a pattern brand specifically for children? Cute fabric.

    • I think the hand washing is all about having just that bit more time and a spot of sunshine to dry them. Given that I’ve already put my sweatshirt and socks on over my pjs whilst reading this morning, those newly washed sweaters are going to come in handy this week…

  6. Great week. I read Rebecca years ago, but I’ve had a copy of Rebeccas’s Tale for years and never read it. I feel I should, being a Rebecca!

  7. I’ve always wanted to try healthy brownies but never dared! Ha! Love all the fabric you have, especially the cute print for your daughter – looking forward to seeing the finished makes 🙂

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