I tried a jumpsuit and I liked it! #jumpingintojune!


Oh yes, indeedy! At the eleventh hour, by the skin of my teeth, or even by the hairs on my chinny-chin-chin (!), I think I just about made it… I’ll allow you to revel in the ridiculous photos a while longer…



Seriously, I had no idea how hard it was to get some even vaguely flattering photos whilst bouncing on the monkeys’ trampoline (not to mention the serious concentration it took to, ahem, hold myself in, as it were -anyone with children, you know what I mean…). And yes, there are some outtakes at the very end, rest assured. My son had a whale of a time taking such daft photos of Mummy though, so I tickled him at least…

So this is my version of a jumpsuit, and probably about the only version I’m ever likely to don if I’m honest. Yes, it’s a jumpsuit disguised as a dress Chris, but just for you: it’s a culottes jumpsuit πŸ™‚ For those of you who didn’t read my original post this is Vogue V9075. The original version looked more like this, but I shortened it by a fair bit to make it wearable…


This was the first Vogue pattern I’ve made, and I was very impressed. I was advised at the outset to try a FBA, and I did have a vague look, but life’s just been crazy-busy of late, so I just sized up to a 12 instead. This worked well with the bodice, but resulted in ridiculously large trousers. I took the outer leg seams in by a whopping, two inches on either side. The pattern lived up to its name ‘very easy’, and with the exception of getting my head around the legs, was pretty, plain sailing πŸ™‚ I unpicked the legs four times, before realising that I’d actually got them right the first time, and it was in fact, the front darts that I’d managed to sew on the wrong side! It’s a beautiful fabric and it was a dream to sew with, but it’s very tricky to tell the back from the front, especially when you’re tired…



So yes, at the grand old age of 42 I can honestly say that I tried a jumpsuit, and I liked it! πŸ˜‰

Liked, not loved, but I’ve achieved the impossible in making something that I can actually imagine wearing quite a lot! We’re lucky to be heading over to Disney World in Orlando in the Summer and I actually think this will be perfect for sauntering around in πŸ™‚

And the outtakes? Oh, yes there were many…



Apologies, that last one really is a shocker!


54 thoughts on “I tried a jumpsuit and I liked it! #jumpingintojune!

  1. You look amazing! Love love the pictures! The princess bodice has a good fit. How do you manage to still look chic and elegant while bouncing high on a trampoline?

  2. Wow! looks fantastic. And i think these are the most creative ‘show my me-made’ photos i’ve ever seen. Do you teach d&t by any chance? You must be an inspirational teacher to think of showing the design like this. Well done you. Also the photos made me giggle… but with you, not at you!

    • Thank you! But Chris over at handmadebychris started the craze! So I can’t take the credit… My husband currently despairing of me and shaking his head: he thinks I look like an overgrown ten year old, and he may just have a point, but it was fun all the same πŸ™‚

  3. You look amazing! And you get double fashion credentials by combining jumpsuit and culottes – who would have thought this could work so well.
    I think we, as the reluctant jumpsuit wearers, have done ourselves proud, wouldn’t you agree?

  4. Oh, I got such a good laugh from these photos! They are just so much fun! I think your jumpsuit looks great! I think the bodice is so flattering and at first glance no one would suspect it’s not a dress. Maybe you can even use the pattern again to make a dress– it looks like a great pattern to have in your collection.

  5. Funniest photos I’ve seen in a while, so awesome! The look on your face is great πŸ™‚ I love the jumpsuit, too, it must be comfy if you can jump that high:)

  6. What brilliant photos! And congratulations on completing your jumpsuit – I really do think it looks lovely on you! πŸ‘

  7. LOVE the photos. Your son did a fine job! If I was holding the camera they probably all would be headless shots! I like your idea of “jumpsuit”. I have some wild fabric and I was thinking of making some culottes, not a jumpsuit, just the culottes! You ladies have been fabulous this month!

  8. Yeayy you did it! Well done and not only that it looks great. I think it suits you, the fabric is lovely and the style works so well!! Now the pics, hilarious, I bet your son was cracking up himself taking these hehe!

  9. Wayhay!!! Not just jumping but making some shapes in a jumpsuit! I think you must’ve been or still are a gymnast? Maybe I should have parked nearby in the response car as it lumped a bit dangerous! Seriously tho, you’re rocking that style, it really really suits, and I bet you be loving it before you know it! Can’t wait to see your next version (lol!) πŸ˜€

    • Just glad I made it in time, I could have jumped into July this morning, but it wouldn’t have been the same πŸ˜‰ And having you on standby would have been reassuring, my son kept encouraging me to jump higher and higher…

  10. Well done on squeezing in a jump for June jumpsuit, it looks great on you! Love the fabric – what is it? The photos look like you were having fun on the trampoline, despite the falls!

    • It was a baby one, and I’d wisely removed my shoes before jumping so no injuries! It’s a lovely, light-weight chambray I got from JL, not cheap, but I figured I needed every possible advantage in this make πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you! And I will try a FBA when I’m less tired. This fits pretty well, (and probably best to have it on the loose side in jumpsuit form), but feel that if this was a dress, I’d definitely like it a little more ‘neater’ around the middle…

  11. A great fun post! It did make me laugh but before I’m tempted I need to try a few rtw versions on. I still have my doubts about wearing one. You seem to have completely pulled it off though!

  12. Wonderful take on the jumpsuit. Looks fab! The jumping photos are great too – thank you for the laugh. Although you still look fab in them.

  13. I just checked your blog because I was wondering if you’d done a jumpsuit and I’d missed it – and I had! Whoops… Glad i checked though because it looks great! I love the skirt effect, it really suits you so is very wearable! Lovely colour too πŸ™‚ you’d better make another!

  14. Brilliant! I suspect this has been far more fun than you thought it was going to be and you even have a jumpsuit that really suits you at the end of it all – bonus!

    • Thanks Alex, I was so surprised that I actually liked it in the end. I think the lovely fabric helped. I loved your version too, I love how they can turn out so differently – the joy of homemade! πŸ™‚

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