When life just gets in the way…

Well, of sewing at any rate…

Life has been mad busy of late, and I’ll save you the boring, mundane details, but something had to give, and sadly it was my sewing (and reading, but it’s sewing we’re here to talk about). When life gets hectic I know better than to dump the exercise (that way only leads to stress-induced headaches and getting run down), so when I have had a bit of spare time I’ve forced myself out to the gym (I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I truly believe that yoga keeps me sane). Between that, the odd bit of cleaning up the house (Thimberlina I wasn’t joking when I suspected you of spying on me this week, Β I didn’t want to scare the neighbours, should they drop by without warning) and spending some time with the kids, other things have just had to slip a little…

What to do? I know some sewers like to squeeze in the odd half hour here and there, but to be honest I think this only really works if you have a dedicated sewing room. By the time I’ve hauled all of my sewing paraphernalia down from the spare room to the kitchen, and made myself the obligatory cup of tea to accompany any said sewing time, the half hour would already be over. So reluctantly, I’ve had to take a sewing sabbatical of late 😦

The upside of this though, is that when I did finally manage to squeeze in a couple of hours sewing this afternoon (children safely installed in front of Minecraft always buys an hour or so…), boy did I enjoy it! I’d forgotten quite how peaceful and therapeutic it is. And just in case any of you think all this is just an elaborate ploy to avoid making that darn jumpsuit, here’s some work-in-progress shots of my now, beautifully, lined bodice…


A few of you commented on how great Vogue patterns were when I first mooted this design and I have to say I totally agree. This is by far, the neatest lining I’ve ever achieved. I hereby vow never to bother with those awful facings again, this method of lining is the way forward…

I’d be lying if I neglected to say that at this point I am sorely tempted to abandon the culotte-trousers in favour of a nice, full skirt, but I’m not going to give in to such pesky temptations! Several of you have already proved that jumpsuits can be done, so it’s on its way and with a bit of luck, I’ll be jumping in June rather than July… πŸ˜‰

# jumpintojune


50 thoughts on “When life just gets in the way…

  1. Hello! It looks very professional and a gorgeous colour! You are definitely right about the sewing time, I only get it in half hours because sewing machine is always just there! Wouldn’t not be worth the bother if I had to get it out either. Looking forward to seeing you jumping!!

  2. Thats a lovely looking lined bodice! Agree with you about yoga! A few months in and I am hooked! Hope things work out so you get back more sewing time- its hard jugglin family work and sewing. Sending you big e hugs☺

  3. At least you’ve got a little bit of sewing done πŸ™‚ my daughter started playing Minecraft yesterday but she doesn’t know how to play so every two minutes it’s “mummyyyy” so I ended up playing that rather than sewing! I look forward to the day she can play for a couple of hours!

    • How did you like it? My husband and I utterly perplexed by how dull it looks, but it certainly seems to have captured our children’s minds, and far better than the usual ‘shooting / killing’ games I guess …

      • I wasn’t really sure what the aim of the game actually was… I can hardly read the text, the graphics are so poor, it’s really odd how amazing everyone thinks it is compared to what else is around… But my boyfriend heard that it’s really good for their minds etc so wants her to play it now haha. She likes killing the animals though!!

  4. At least you have managed to squeeze a little in….a little is always better than nothing! I’m really looking forward to seeing this one finished!! It’s going to be great! πŸ™‚

  5. I was missing your posts, and thought you must be busy with exam season so I hope all is well. I think it’s easy to get out of the swing of sewing but as soon as you get back into it you don’t want to stop! Can’t wait to see your finished jumpsuit πŸ™‚

    • Ah, thank you! It doesn’t help that I also do most of my marking at the kitchen table too, so not tempting to take my ‘breaks’ there too. I think I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel though, so hopefully more sewing time soon …

  6. Glad you’ve managed to squeeze a bit in, hooray for the minecraft nanny! I’ve not made anything since my stripy top and I’m getting shaky!! Or is that the lack of rosΓ© in my fridge! Lol. Hope life gets back to normal soon and you can find some ‘me’ time πŸ˜€

  7. It would be so good to have a sewing room wouldn’t it? Like you I have to use the dining table, which actually gets used for every meal so I’m constantly packing the machine away and getting it back out again! Looking forward to seeing your makes again – jumpsuit or otherwise!

  8. I sewed like crazy last week to make separates for the Monthly Stitch challenge and I have struggled to find the time and energy this week. I feel as if my energy goes in waves. I try to run regularly but sewing has been pushing that out of the way at weekends and I need to get back out – liek you with yoga I always feel so much better when I have exercised!

    Good luck with the jumpsuit – I have a dress planned for this week – another Monthly Stitch challenge!

    • Well done for even attempting the monthly stitch challenges, I knew it would be a bridge too far for me, but I’ve been enjoying seeing everyone else’s- such a lot of talent around. It’s all great inspiration for future projects πŸ™‚

  9. Yoga, yes. It keeps me so happy, aside from sewing!! As for Minecraft…I don’t get it, and I’ve never really played it or liked it, but if it helps youπŸ˜€ then maybe it’s good!

  10. I’m with you on lining verses facings. After lining my last dress and getting such a wonderful neat finish around the neckline and arm holes, I wonder why would I ever bother with facings again.
    After starting my new job last week, I haven’t found time to sew either. Mind you I did find 2 hours this weekend. It was a disaster!

  11. I’m using a Vogue pattern for my Ascot dress this year – Ladies Day is on Thursday and it’s taken me an hour just to cut out the seven sheets of paper pattern pieces! I should probably have started it sooner but I’ve had so many other things to make lately. I’m impressed with how you recreate a mobile sewing room each time you want to sew. I’m far too lazy and, before my sewing room, it would remain on the kitchen table all week! Top half of the infamous jumpsuit is looking incredibly good…..

  12. Have you thought about taking a closet, or even half of one, installing a good light and a shelf to hold your machine? That way, your machine is always ready and it’s not in the way of your kitchen or dining room table. There are quite a few ‘small’ sewing spaces on Pinterest, I think.

    • I have vaguely looked at a few… But only pretty vaguely. I need to find the time to have a good sort out to clear a space first. Sounds like a Summer holiday plan though, it would make life a lot easier, thanks πŸ™‚

  13. I know what you mean about having a break in your sewing and then getting back to it – BLISS!! Your bodice lining looks so neat, I hope you managed to find some more ‘you’ time soon. πŸ™‚

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