Simple Tees


Can you believe it’s taken me this long to sew my first t-shirt?

Thank you so much Sharon for recommending this pattern 🙂 It’s a freebie from Maria Denmark: you simply have to sign up to her newsletter to be able to download it. It’s called the Kirsten Kimono Tee, and do you know I’m rather taken with it? It’s a fairly loose design, but with more fitting around the hips which is really flattering. I imagine it would look particularly nice with flat-fronted trousers. You can see the fit better on Betty above. Because of the loose, kimono sleeve as well, it was easy to layer up with a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath for colder weather (which was pretty handy when we were up in Anglesey recently).


I’ve never used one of her patterns before, but I found the instructions really clear and easy to follow. To be fair, it’s a pretty, simple design, but I was impressed with how the neckline came together: very straightforward following the accompanying images. I’d definitely consider purchasing another of her patterns.

Both of these fabrics came from my stash. I made the cream and blue striped one first which I’m particularly pleased with. The second one is ok, but I don’t like it quite so much. I really didn’t have a lot of fabric to play with, and couldn’t manage to cut it on the fold so had to do it in two halves. I really should have tried to match up the stripe better on the front though. Typically I got it perfect on the back!


I’m kind of wishing I’d made these earlier, as they would have made weekends much easier during MMMay. I’m finding fitting in any sewing time in at the moment tricky though. I get a lot more wear out of long-sleeved t-shirts (we live in an old, Victorian house in the NW of England, so no surprises there). So inspired by these makes I’ve already printed off the free, Plantain t-shirt from Deer and Doe. I can’t quite tell whether the shape will be as flattering though, as it seems to swing out at the waist. Anyone else had a go?

But before then, the next bit of sewing I’m planning on is finishing off that jumpsuit #jumpingintojune


50 thoughts on “Simple Tees

    • Thank you and I did think about that, but you wouldn’t be able to get a cardigan over the top, and it’s a rare Manchester day that doesn’t require one of those at the moment…

  1. Oooh, these are really nice! I’m very tempted to have a go at this one myself, especially as I’ve just been given the perfect fabric. Free t-shirts!

  2. So glad you tried this pattern, these look great and as you say they’re very versatile! Despite my recommendation, i’ve actually only made one which i wear alot; you’ve inspired me to make more, so thanks!
    Funny you should mention the Plantain tee as i made this immediately before the Kirsten kimono tee. I think you’ll like it as it’s quite fitted for a tee shirt and I found you can modify the hem line to make it less flared. Good luck & looking forward to seeing your version(s)! 😊

  3. Nice t-shirts Theresa. I like that pattern, they look great on you. This is my next order of business I think as my booty skirt is on hold since I ran into a snafu 😉 I have some knits to use up so hopefully mine turn out as nice as yours look 🙂

  4. Firstly OMG I went fabric shopping today and totally forgot to buy some for a jumpsuit!! Ahhh I knew there was something!! 😥
    But back to your t-shirts and wow, for something so simple they’re really nice! I couldn’t tell that the vertical striped one wasn’t cut with one piece til you mentioned it. I can understand that you haven’t made any before because I haven’t either! I will be getting this pattern! I also have printed the Plantain top but not made it yet… I think Hila has!

    • Now do I believe you about the jumpsuit fabric or not? 😉
      Thanks, I was pretty impressed with this for such a simple pattern too. I’m planning on a few more. Her other patterns are really simple, but probably v flattering shapes too 🙂

  5. These look so nice on you! I haven’t seen too many of these around until just recently. I think I’ll have to get the pattern and try it out! The Plantain is a great pattern– I love how it fits through the shoulders and bust. I’m sure you could easily straighten the side seams if it’s too much flare, but it’s sort of nice tummy camouflage. (Not that you need to worry about that!)

    • Thanks Teri, I’m really pleased with how they turned out. If the sun ever shines over here they’ll get lots of wear. Thanks for the tips on the Plantain, I’ll be giving it a go soon…

  6. I really like these…I may have to give it a try. It might be a design that could help to hide the post-baby weight and looks like a simple enough design to get me back into dressmaking mode! How long did it take you? I shall have to start shopping for fabric!

  7. I love these t-shirts – this was the first t-shirt I made as well and I was amazed that I could actually make such a wardrobe basic for myself. I have made lots of plantains – I really like the scooped neckline on it – I just folded back the pattern a bit from just below the bust line to the bottom edge to reduce the flare and it works perfectly!


  8. Recently discovered your blog and really like all your sewing. I don’t quite have the courage to try stretch knits yet! It’s something I keep putting off. x

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