Unseasonal Sewing


Although, to be fair I’m cold and it’s tipping it down as I write this, so maybe not so inappropriate after all. After my last couple of frustratingly disappointing makes and with limited time available this week, I needed a quick fix. I bought these fabrics from the off-cuts section at Abakhan’s in Manchester last time I visited. I was going to save them for Christmas presents but two friends had (fairly, ahem…) recent birthdays, and as one of them works in a draughty, National Trust property and the other is a reporter, who’s always out and about interviewing people, I figured they may just be appreciated now (seriously can’t believe it’s June next week…).

Making these up also emptied another drawer ready to fill with new goodies. As these were off-cuts, rather than measuring them, I simply used exactly what I had so the sizes are pretty variable, but I really don’t think this matters: you can wrap them up tightly, or wear loosely dangling. Pleasingly, making them up like this resulted in zero waste too. One of them has a slight tear or cut in the fabric, easy to stitch up, but making it maybe not quite so suitable for a gift. Looks like I get to keep one πŸ™‚

Right, palate suitably cleansed, Kirsten Kimono Tees (free pattern from Maria Denmark) next up to clear Β another over-stuffed drawer…


33 thoughts on “Unseasonal Sewing

  1. They look lovely😍. You say its unseasonable but I am sotting here just turned the heating on necause of the rain and cold! To think it was sunny this morning. Looking forward to you Maria Denmark teeπŸ˜ƒ. Love the pics by the way so vibrant!

    • Thanks Hila, I only took them off because they were presents! The photos were taken in just about the only glimmer of sunlight this morning. But you can tell from my crossed arms that it was still pretty nippy…

  2. I love all of these! Amazing fabrics. I wouldn’t want to give them away if I were you. Which one are you keeping? (I think you cut into the fabric on purpose haha) Don’t send the rain down to me because I’m sat in a vest top with my washing drying on the line outside! X

    • A vest top, yikes! No chance of that here. I’m keeping the one at the top of the pile: dark grey with the wave pattern. Promise I didn’t cut it… I would have cut the flowery one instead πŸ˜‰

  3. Great job! Not inappropriate at all – it’s blowing a gale here. So much for our ice cream on the beach plans we had today! Looking forward to seeing your next project!

  4. Glad to hear, I’m not the only one who thinks it’s cold, despite being in the South! The prints are cool and I suppose since they aren’t woolen or anything, they can be spring scarves? I always have one around my neck!

  5. What fabulous fabrics, your friends may start hinting which they want and others may start putting in their orders. You’ll likely be making more soon, their such great gifts.

  6. I love the grey wavey fabric – glad to hear you get to keep that one! I love the very random nature of shopping at Abakhan – you never know what you will find. It does mean you can’t really shop with a list or a plan and I find I end up going often just in case there is something lovely. It is still stupidly cold here too – Liverpool – even when it is sunny you still want a jacket and scarf. Me Made May has been harder without being able to wear any summery things but being tired of all my winter clothes.


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