Me and My Big Mouth… #jumpforjune


So after much careful avoidance, I’ve only gone and finally purchased a jumpsuit pattern! Yes, you did just hear me right. Dear lord, how did I get into this?! Me and my big mouth, that’s how! At the grand, old age of forty two I’ll be attempting my first ever jumpsuit, after only having made two pairs of trousers previously, one of which didn’t fit. But up for a challenge and in honour of our host Chris over at, where you can read more about the challenge (maybe even join in?!), not only am I attempting a jumpsuit, but a culottes jumpsuit 😉 Yikes!

Try as I might, I really couldn’t see how the popular BHL Holly was going to work for me: too little going on above the waistline and far too much volume going on below. I can imagine this looking stunning on many women… just not me! I thought about making something suitable for holiday wear, but couldn’t really find anything I liked. I thought about something loungewear-appropriate, but couldn’t really envisage myself wearing one, even in the privacy of my own lounge. In short: I was stumped!

But then I saw this: Vogue V9075. I love the dress version. So if nothing else, I could always make that at a later date. I even really like the jumpsuit… on the model… But on me? Mmmmm… Let’s just say it’s an interesting concept! The top half is great: neat and fitted, just how I like things. So again, I could always just use it as a top… But a mid-calf finish in the leg department is never going to work on me. However if I cut it off at the knee, maybe I could make it work? A kind of dress in disguise? There’s a whole lot of volume going on though, which scares me senseless, maybe a few less darts?

That’s a whole load of maybes! On the plus side it’s labelled as ‘very easy‘ so there’s that. But I’ve never worked with a Vogue pattern before, (any thoughts on ‘fit’ would be much appreciated). I didn’t have any brainpower left by the time I got to fabric choice, so I just went with my gut instinct and got some lovely, lightweight chambray (I can see it making a lovely fitted t-shirt already). Really not convinced that this is going to work …

It could be a complete disaster, but hopefully with a few laughs thrown in… what d’you think?

48 thoughts on “Me and My Big Mouth… #jumpforjune

  1. Brilliant! I find the whole concept of a bunch of women in their 40s sewing jumpsuits absolutely hilarious but I may have to join you. I think the pattern you have chosen is lovely though and you may well end with something really classic. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone’s finished garments!

  2. Wow I’ve never seen a jumpsuit like that – I think you can pull it off though! I also love the dress so I think you chose a good pattern 🙂 good luck … Hopefully it will be “very easy”.

  3. Yes your pattern is really cute, if you don’t like the fullness in the bottom part you can always streamline the design a bit. I do like your idea of shortening it a bit more it will almost look like a dress!

    Good luck 🙂

    • Thank you! It was the best of the bunch for me, and yes, definitely because it looks more like a dress 😉 I was thinking just one dart on either side, rather than two. I think it’s the same at the back.

  4. Such a cool pattern however I’m not sure a calf length would be a good call…personal taste maybe but hey! Full length could yield an awesome maxi? I have used a vogue pattern before and quite liked the results and the instructions were good too plus the ease wasn’t ridiculous! The last playsuit I bought was an m&s version for this new year (awesome unicorn print?!) and is also the last rtw I bought too….

  5. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product…..maybe once I see your jumpsuit I will get in on this trend. Like you said if you are not sold on the jumpsuit…….that dress is fantastic. I may need this pattern for the dress and it’s a very easy pattern which is right up my alley.

  6. Great pattern! And I like the maxi idea too!
    I don’t know why but that whole jumpsuit thing has me thinking of sipping cocktails on some exotic beach gazing into the sunset. Not that there is much change of that where either you or I leave, but a girl can dream…
    I’ve gone slightly mad after almost finishing my Holly (my first ever at the grand old age of 45, so you’re in even more geriatric company) and ordered fabric for a second one… I may have taken leave of my senses – hopefully only temporarily…

  7. If I was to wear a jumpsuit again the short version of the Vogue would be my choice. I agree to shorten it to just above the knee and as others have said you can take out some of the fullness but not too much.

    For the pattern, check the finished garment measurements first and please use your High Bust measurement as the finished bust measurement, this will then get the neck and shoulders to sit as well as the diagram shows. I think this will also take you a new challenge a Full Bust Adjustment but they are not hard, plenty of info on blogs and the princess seam does make it a bit easier.

    • Thank you! I’m hoping the dimensions of this will work. Thanks for the fitting tips, I intend to measure very carefully before any cutting for this… Been thinking about considering. FBA for a while, but you might just have given me the push I need 🙂

      • Dare I suggest… keep everything in proportion ~ fabric pattern, trouser width, etc. ~ and make a special point to wear it once. even if only lounging at home.
        By giving yourself a grace period, you might decide you like it, or need to make changes.
        But you’ll have made progress overall, and learn more about yourself & sewing. That’s a good thing!
        💌 🙂

      • All suggestions are always welcome Del 🙂 I think it’s going to be all about proportion for me. It was the fitted top half that attracted me, so I’ll certainly be attempting to work some ‘neatness’ into the bottom half too…

  8. I am surprised at the enthusiasm for jumpsuits – for me it’s a definite No for many of the reasons you give yourself! I think Jen’s right – a full length version will be flattering/elegant/less completely bonkers! Good luck with that x

  9. Whoop whoop…. Glad you’ve found one! And glad it’s one that you’re happy with, rather than just making it for the sake of it – at least your more likely to wear it. Go girl! 😀

  10. So you were sucked in by those mad two!!!! I laugh out loud at the image of me (at 47) in a jumpsuit and will never be convinced that there is a style out there to suit my body shape, however you stand a good chance with this design and Vogue patterns really are the best…..:)

    • I’m laughing at myself for being roped in too 🙂 This could quite possibly be the daftest thing I’ve got involved in yet, and there have been a fair few… I tried to explain to my husband, but I just lost him totally 😉

  11. Great pattern, it has a it of the70’s gaucho look. Should be more comfortable and flattering, especially from the back. Vogue patterns are my favorite, I usually find them easy to fit once I make petite adjustments. I’m looking forward to seeing the jumpsuit parade in June.

    • ‘The jumpsuit parade’, now there’s an image 🙂 Looking forward to trying a Vogue pattern for the first time, they do seem to be held in high regard, so fingers crossed…

  12. Wow, getting out of your comfort zone style-wise – very brave! I wasn’t completely sold on the culotte trend but then a girl at work was wearing a lovely knee length pair. They were quite full, so she looked like she was wearing a skirt and they were really flattering on her. In short, I’m with the others – I think the 3/4 length leg is difficult to pull off unless you’re 5’10”, so I’d definitely chop them off at the knee and make a secret dress 🙂 Have you considered colour blocking too? If you put a belt on to cover the join between the culottes and the bodice you could have secret separates too!

  13. I’m sure it will look great in the end and the dress option is a good alternative if not. I’m a big fun of jumpsuits, you can style them easily for night or day. I’ve got a Lekala one with wide legs, so we’ll see how this is going to turn out. I’m sure the jumpsuit parade will be a delight!

  14. I’ve Made the dress version and it was easy to make. I found th neckline a bit too high for my taste so would adjust if I make the jumpsuit. I just don’t know what fabric to use to make it a casual make…

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