#MMMay 2015, Week 2


Apologies for for pretty poor photographs at the start of this week. The novelty of taking photos of mummy every morning is clearly fast wearing off ..

Tuesday was a work day. Time for my 70s Clemence skirt (Tilly and the Buttons) to come out, which I’ve come to love, despite its painful creation, see here. The wind caused me a few worries though as I stopped for petrol on the way home from work… Wednesday was my day off. I had a lovely lunch out with an old friend so myΒ favourite top came out, paired with jeans. I really love this top, feels much more ‘me’ than my recent attempts at tops…


Thursday: work again. This time I wore my snooker table skirt, which never fails to make me smile. Say what you like about green baize, but not only is it water repellant (!), but it always gets lots of compliments too πŸ™‚Β Friday: work. Thought I’d celebrate the end of the working week by wearing two and a half MeMades: navy blue, linen Ginger skirt (Colette) paired with A Sencha blouse (also Colette). And the half? Tilly’s Brigitte scarf. The crisp white of this blouse detracts well from the little-too-high neckline on me (never great with a bust), but think I just about get away with this.


Saturday I got up early to get through some marking before everyone else was up: rock’n’roll lifestyle mine, oh yes πŸ˜‰ I wore my second attempt at a Coco top (construction details here). While I like the bright pink against the more neutral stripe of this, and it’s certainly comfy, the main fabric is far too ‘floppy’ for this design. It’s another ho-hum top, ok for round the house, but maybe taking up valuable wardrobe space that could be better used? This was before I got my overlocker too, so the finish is a bit ‘blah’ too: jury’s out …

Sunday was much more fun as we had a family christening to go to. It was a good excuse to dress up and to debut my 60s shift dress. Really pleased with this make, it’s a really flattering shape πŸ™‚

Lessons learnt this week? I really need some more ‘transitional’ MeMade items: most of mine are either far too Wintery or far too Summery for the current ‘tricky’ weather we’re experiencing here in the Northwest of England. I’ve managed one linen skirt so far, but it was bloody cold!

I loved taking part in this event last year, but I’m definitely learning far more this year. Hope it’s proving as useful for everyone else taking part.

31 thoughts on “#MMMay 2015, Week 2

  1. Looking good. It’s so odd our weather, sometimes we launch from winter to summer in a second and other years we need a whole wardrobe of transitional. Look forward to seeing some transitional makes in the future.

  2. Lovely outfits, I have lots of catching up to do in order to participate in something like this. Hopefully I’ll make it next challenge. It’s great that you have “all weather outfits” while your climate is not cooperating πŸ˜‰

  3. This far your outfits are looking fab – and observations very enlightening. Rock on!
    So agree with Scoobys’ comment – maybe I’ll have sufficient me-mades for next year.

  4. I like your snooker table skirt! You’ve reminded me I used to wear a lot of green, don’t know what happened to that. It suits you! Congratulations on a very successful week!

  5. I love your green snooker table skirt. It’s my favourite colour and I may have to copy you on that one at some point! I’m having similar issues as you regarding the weather. I’ve plenty of summer makes and plenty of winter ones but not much in between. A good excuse for more sewing!

  6. Looks like a week of beautiful makes! I’m kind of pleased you mention ho-hum tops, in that I’m glad it’s not just me that feels like that at the end of certain projects! And knowing whether to hang on to them is definitely tricky. Well done for so many successes!

  7. I know what you mean about the weather! I seriously need some long sleeved tops!
    Great week of outfits. I wish I could get away with skirts more often for work but they don’t work well with site boots.

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