The Ho-Hum Top


I thought this easy, ‘no pattern‘ pattern (!) would be a really practical way of using up a pretty-much-drawer-full of leftover knits I’ve accumulated from recent makes. I’m trying to be good and make space before going out to purchase more. We’ll see how far I get with that one… It was a free , ‘beginner make’ featured in Sew Home and Style magazine (April 2015, ‘draped top’). A cowl neckline is not something I’d ever really considered trying (although I do have Colette’s Myrtle lined up in my sewing queue), however Lucy over at LoveLucie.wordpress has made a couple of lovely ones recently, so I thought I’d give it a go.


But I’m not terribly convinced. Not sure if it’s the colour, which feels jarringly bright next to my face (even though it goes nicely with the blossom tree in the background) or the style. Maybe a combination of both? I didn’t have any ‘fusible hemming tape’ so just used my overlocker. The seam allowances were huge and I ended up hacking a lot of them off on said overlocker, especially around the shoulder area. The results are far from pretty, which left me feeling annoyed, as I’ve gotten much better at this recently. To be fair, they do describe it as a ‘loose fitting’ style, so maybe if I reduced the width measurements, it might prove more flattering? It would have been really nice to have been able to have used up my spare knits to sew up a host of these for work, but now I’m really not convinced I can be bothered. Has anyone else tried this ‘pattern’ with better results?


47 thoughts on “The Ho-Hum Top

  1. In the pic it looks really nice and a great colour on you for warm Spring days (as a fellow North Westener, I hear you laugh out loud) but i know what you mean about fit, it can be demoralising when it doesn’t turn out as expected.
    Have you tried the free Maria Denmark Kimono Tee pattern? It’s a lovely simple make for knits and needs very little fabric; I used less than a metre to make one. Overlocker and twin needle meant a very speedy sew – and i’m still quite a new sewist!

  2. Sounds a bit like it’s the combination of all the bad experiences that have put you off? Colour, seams and fit? It does look lovely, just rather swamping you. I do hope you get back to try making another one from your other leftovers, the style looks lovely on you.

    • Thanks Bekki, I don’t ‘hate’ it, so maybe worth having another go, making the outline a little slimmer… Sharon’s just recommended a free knit pattern that doesn’t use up too much fabric, so hopefully between the two I’ll free up the space in that drawer 🙂

  3. I think the colour of your top is really pretty however I see what you mean about the fit – have you tried the renfrew tee? it has a cowl option and seems more fitted everywhere else however I think it uses a fair bit of fabric – you could maybe use your overlocker to make more definition round the waist of this version? Having ever seen the pattern it’s kind of hard to say, but certainly I know what you mean about not being bothered about a pattern!

    • Thanks Jennifer. I think there definitely needs to be more definition around the waist, you’re right. MMMay may well push me into wearing it out though and sometimes it’s nice to throw on a top you don’t care too much about. Especially when I’m messing around with the kids. I really need to check out these free patterns I’ve been overlooking…

  4. When projects make me feel that way I just think ‘sometimes you win sometimes you learn’. Kudos to your discipline though! Not buying fabric till you use some up👏👏👏. Bottle it up for me and send it my way please!

  5. Well I like it on you but I know what you mean about colour being “you” or not – I feel the same about black and navy which I rarely wear! Red is my absolute favourite, but then I’m not exactly quiet personality wise…..

    • Isn’t it funny how we assign certain ‘characters’ to colours? I’m more of a navy blue character (not sure I’m paying myself a huge compliment there), but have come to love my red Monetta dress 🙂

      • You should learn to love red – there’s a shade for everyone! But it’s not a great choice if you don’t like being the centre of attention. Dark colours just make me feel depressed, although I don’t feel that way about others wearing them, oddly enough.

  6. I like the cowl on you, but I guess the boxiness takes away from the cowl-effect. There have been so many pattern recommendations in the comments I won’t bore you with my Burda ones. And who knows: cowl jumpsuit anyone? 😉

  7. I second the comment about Maria of Denmark’s kimono tee – way less fabric. I like the colour of the top on you but it does seem to swamp you a little size-wise. I do wonder sometimes about these free patterns in magazines. They’re a bit like the magazine recipes that turn out as though no-one had ever actually tested them before publication. Good luck with the kimono tee.

    • To be fair, it was based on you taking your own measurements, so it could have been me at fault. And I probably could adapt it, but will try the kimono tee. Once we get our printer sorted…

  8. I think the colour is great on you so don some matching lippy and wear it with pride. If you have knits to spare I can recommend the scoop top free pattern.

  9. I really like the neckline I this top– I wonder if you could wear it under a jacket or a cardigan and it would help disguise that it’s a little boxy through the shoulders? I just got some bright pink jersey recently and it turned out to be much brighter in person than what it looked like in my computer. I’m not quite sure what to do with it!

  10. Afraid I’m no help at all, other than to say the colour does suit, but understand that you’re not comfortable in such a bright hue. Boxy is my style for summer, so to me it looks only a trifle large for you… but that’s my eye, not yours. Do what feels right to you! x

  11. I tried this top and found myself swamped in the fabric. The seam allowances were crazily big. I ended up doing some adjusting afterwards and bringing in the side seams until they were more to my liking.
    I really like the top you’ve made though!

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