#MeMadeMay 2015 Week 1


Friday, the first day of Me Made May just had to be celebrated with my proudest make to date: the trousers that fit, see here. They were super comfy, and even though I might take the legs in a little to narrow them next time around, these worked just fine for these. My school also participated in ‘wear something pink’ for Cancer Research UK, so it was two clothing challenges in one day. I can already tell that these trousers are going to get a lot of wear, they go with most things in my wardrobe, including this pink cardigan I pulled out especially πŸ™‚

Saturday was a rare date night with my husband, always good to remind myself that I do have one now and again! We were only going somewhere casual for a quick bite to eat, while my Mum babysat the monkeys for a couple of hours, so jeans were a must. However, finding a suitable Me Made top proved pretty difficult. This is a serious gap in my casual wardrobe, so first lesson of the month learnt. After several unsuccessful trying-ons, I settled on this top (above right). But it wasn’t good! It’s a GBSB blouse with collar that I didn’t check the ‘test square’ on the PDF, see here, so it came out way too small.Β I took off the sleeves, which helped. A bit. But boy, did this feel uncomfortable to wear: it’s too short in length and kept riding up over my bust (even with my most minimising bra on). So, pretty though that collar was, it’s already in a charity bag, ready to go. I’m determined to have a purge on my Me Made items that I’m not likely to ever wear this year. Sad, but necessary…


Sunday was a day full of mostly marking and board games (though clearly not simultaneously), so something comfy was a must. My first attempt at a Coco top was perfect, see here. I hadn’t worn this in a while, so it was good to get it back out. I suspect you could be seeing a lot more of this top at weekends.

We met my parents over at Port Sunlight on the Wirral, today. It’s a model village, built in the late 1800s by Lever Brothers, for the workers at their world-famous, soap factory. I had no idea how pretty it was and the sun even shone for us. My recently improved, original Megan dress (Tilly and the Buttons, see here)Β as perfect and really comfy for mooching about the museum, local art gallery and garden centre. Although it’s a lot less roomy than it was originally, there was still plenty of space for cake and endless cups of tea πŸ™‚

Well, so far so good. Hope everyone else has enjoyed the first week of #MMMay 2015.


27 thoughts on “#MeMadeMay 2015 Week 1

  1. Glad you’re enjoying MMMay…I so want to participate but don’t have enough MM clothes! Next year…

  2. Great start! Are you doing the full seven days a week? Agreed that it’s a good thing you’ve spotted the wardrobe gap – it is supposed to make you think about what you wear and now you get the fun of picking out a pattern to fill the gap! Any ideas so far?!

    • Yep, a little nervous about it! Think the week days will be fine, but having put my Mabels away for Summer (?!), weekends might be somewhat harder. Definitely need to do some research on the top front…

  3. What a great start to the month! And lovely to have a prompt for regular blog posts. It’s a shame about the top as it’s so pretty, but you’re definitely right about not hanging onto things you don’t/can’t wear. Will look forward to next week’s round up πŸ™‚

  4. Lovely beginning to your month – congratulations! (Gee, didn’t know we could do only a day or two a week… have to think about that!) Thank you for all the photos & references ~

  5. Yeayy, happy me made May, you’ve done really well so far. I’m in Greece at the moment where the temperature is much higher and I’m stuck with an unsuitable me-made wardrobe haha! I think trying to wear handmade for the whole month, except for finding gaps in the wardrobe, it’s also a good exercise for creating them by taking clothes that don’t get worn to charity. Good luck with the rest of the month πŸ™‚

  6. Marking and board games simultaneously: a revolutionary idea. One could determine the grades per dice and be done with the marking altogether! Would leave a ot more time to think about jumpsuits πŸ˜‰

    • πŸ™‚ I like it, sounds a lot more fun than regular marking! Can’t believe I’ve been talked into making a jumpsuit, have been seriously contemplating the Holly: if I take the legs in, maybe…

      • I can’t believe it myself either :-)! I made a quick muslin of the Holly pants today and although it fits well it’s not for me. It’s rather close-fitting around the tummy and I’m not to keen on the muffin top/sausage roll implications of it…

  7. If you make lots of different tops, not only will you fill the wardrobe gap but you could get away with wearing those brilliant trousers every day! You’ll have to make another pair so you can wash them occasionally:)

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