Shopping Revelations 4


I love it when this happens! Originally £75, this was reduced to £50, and then £25. But seriously, that was a big hole, two of them in fact! The shop assistant was obviously amazed that I was prepared to buy it at all, asking me incredulously: ‘you have noticed the big hole in the front, haven’t you?’. Well, doh! Yes! ‘I can sew…’ I replied, fairly confidently. She was still mystified. But still, £25 seemed a lot to pay for something no one else was likely to buy. I haggled a bit further and got it for £15 🙂 Hurrah! The sleeves made me do it!

It’s pretty much the exact same style as my last ‘reduction’ bargain, see here. The peplum must be a bit of a scrapper by nature I guess. Especially when a coat hanger or two goes awry… This repair wasn’t quite as straight forward however. It turns out this ‘trick’ is a lot less subtle when you’re working with a lighter-coloured knit.


I was tempted to do this on my overlocker, but at the time it was threaded up with black thread, and I couldn’t quite face rethreading it. I was also uncertain as to whether it would ‘lie’ right. Anyone else tackled something like this on their overlocker? Anyhow, I did it by hand. Not sure if you can make it out, but it’s ended up a bit wonkier than I would have liked. However in reality who’s going to be looking this up close? From a distance it looks just fine. I figure if anything, it’s the sleeves that will be attracting all the attention. A white jumper isn’t something I would consider buying normally, but with our crazy weather of late (today we’ve gone from sunglasses to hail to snow (!?) to tipping it down with rain and back, just now, to sunglasses again…) So actually, a light colour with a bit of warmth might be just the thing! Even if I have to wear a vest underneath for a while.



29 thoughts on “Shopping Revelations 4

  1. A peplum suits you. I’m impressed with your haggling never mind the sewing! Haha no your sewing is great, I can’t tell that you did anything!

  2. Well gone girl! Looks fantastic especially on you! Saying this your garments always look great, the big smile you give us always makes your posts jolly too! Keep looking our for bargains, and sewing…
    Best wishes, Jay x

  3. That top really suits you, and a bonus that it was such a bargain! It’s uncanny that it has the same fault as the other – I hope your not sabotaging clothes that you want to buy, lol 😂

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