Finally, Trousers That Fit!


They fit! Hurrah! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me after all that palaver with my last attempt 🙂 The pattern is Simplicity K1699, a second copy of which (after I’d mistakenly cut out a size too small last time), luckily came free with a sewing magazine. This time I cut a size 12.

I struggled to find nice, work-appropriate fabric. There’s generally not an awful lot of choice in the shops near me, most of it coming in heavy, navy or black pinstripes. I spotted this beauty tucked away in a corner of Abakhans in Manchester. It’s a lovely, lightweight kind of taupe (almost grey) wool with a fine, cream stripe. It didn’t come cheap at £12 a metre . However after having hastily purchased a pair of ‘make-do’ grey, work trousers from a Marks and Spencers outlet store recently for £25, which I’ve only worn once and hate already (I’m always in between ‘standard’ sizes and having gone for the larger option this time, they hang awkwardly off my hips and the fabric is just plain nasty!), this taupe fabric as a result is looking a lot better value for money.

Determined to get a better, internal finish this time I took your advice and overlocked my fabric pieces before sewing. Thanks for the nudge Chris 🙂 Not before however, reluctantly acknowledging that I needed to change colour on my overlocker from my Winter black to a more Spring-like cream. I tried the ‘tie it on’ method, but pulling it through (as my owners’ guide suggested), was so tricky that I ended up just cutting them and starting again. Luckily, it worked first time 🙂 Despite the extra effort, this has made such a difference to the finish. They look so much more professional. Result!


This pattern was really easy to follow. The only thing I altered was substituting the standard zip for an invisible one, which I much prefer. I used grosgrain ribbon (another tip, thank you) for my waistband. The only bit I found tricky was folding in the ends. There must be a neater way of folding it in on itself around the top of the zip, but I figure no one is ever likely to spot this, so I’m not going to lose any sleep over it…

I never find trousers as flattering on my shape as I do skirts or dresses, but despite this I’m really pleased with these. Making the next size up seems to have resulted in a slightly wider, leg shape than I was expecting however. I don’t hate it, but when I next use this pattern, which I will 🙂 I might well take them in ever so slightly to avoid looking like they’re drowning me.

So finally, I can tick off one of my sewing resolutions for 2015. While I’d hardly say that I’ve ‘mastered’ the art of trousers, I can certainly say that I can now make a fairly decent stab at an appropriate pair for work. Phew! Anyone else slowly ticking off their sewing resolutions?



35 thoughts on “Finally, Trousers That Fit!

  1. Well done, they look great! I love your top as well – you look very smart. One of my learners in my course is going to make a pair of trousers which is the only thing I’m worried about because I have never made any before myself!! Do you have any essential tips now that you’re an expert?!

    • 🙂 They’re really not that different from a skirt in terms of construction so I’m sure you’ll manage it. It’s getting the ‘fit’ right that’s the difficult part. I think it probably really helps to know what design flatters your shape best, so research essential… Good luck!

  2. Thsee look so nice! I really like that fabric a lot. I don’t think I’ve made myself proper pants before– other than pajamas or lounge pants. Worrying about fitting issues always holds me back but I need to just jump in and give it a shot.

  3. Result!! They look great. If you feel they’re a little too wide, it’s probably worth taking a bit out of the outer side seam. A quick alteration that might make you love them even more!

  4. Great job! They look 👍! Love the ribbon on the waistband as a construction detail. You could have fun woth contrasting colours 😃. I am slowly ticking through my sewing resolutions – still to scared to tackle trousers though! One day……

    • Thanks Hila. I did think of using a bright pink ribbon, but couldn’t find any so went for this neutral brown instead. Trousers really aren’t that difficult in themselves, just getting the fit right that’s the problem.

  5. They look so great! You must be so happy to have a comfortable pair of trousers and the fact that you made them, makes them more special 🙂 I love the color you choose and great fabric choice. I have never made anything in wool before. How is it to work with? Are they dry clean only?

    • Thank you! This was a really lightweight wool so lovely to work with. And yes, they are dry clean only. I have my head in the sand on that front, but hoping I can avoid getting them too messy…

  6. I’d love to sew work trousers. They are the one thing that I have to spend good money on for any sort of shape and comfort. When I’ve conquered work trousers I can just spend my money on shoes!

  7. These look great and so smart! Going to have to give smart trousers a go – have only attempted elasticated ones so far. Great job!

  8. Really well done – I’ve only ever made one pair of trousers and never wore them in the end! Yours look lovely, definitely worth the money and effort ☺

  9. Well done for persevering! How lovely to be able to make your own trousers in a range of fabrics – I invariable hate RTW ones but still haven’t been brave enough to attempt an alternative!

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