Put a Bird on it!


I’ve been meaning to have a go at some simple, appliqué-style sweatshirts for the children for ages, so this month’s theme over at The Monthly Stitch gave me just the nudge I needed. I bought a couple of plain, school-style sweatshirts from John Lewis for the bargain price of just £9 each. The quality of these is lovely too, with a snugly, fleeced reverse. I really must find a suitable sweatshirt pattern for all of us though, as I suspect they’re a pretty easy make and the school uniform colours these come in are pretty limited past this grey. Maybe except for the ribbing…

Anyhow, as the theme was birds, I knew just the template for my daughter’s design. It came free with an issue of Love Sewing magazine. Our printer’s not working at the moment, so I had to copy it instead. Luckily, that wasn’t too difficult. The fabric also came free with a magazine, so it was the perfect excuse to use it up. I used Bondawebbing to affix the fabric to the sweatshirts, then simply zigzag-stitched around the designs.


A more ‘masculine’ bird for a nine year old, fussy boy child is harder to come by… Eventually he came up with the idea of an American eagle. I googled it and luckily came across a template to again trace. Phew! I didn’t fancy my chances at drawing one of these! To my shame, I’ve never sewed for my son before, so locating some red, white and blue fabric suitable for boys wasn’t too easy. Luckily I remembered an old, striped shirt of mine that had ripped across the back. I’d stashed in my fabric drawers for just such an occasion. Perfect! As it was a plainer design, I managed to repurpose the old buttons off it too, which were fabric-covered in a red gingham. I added these to the middle of each star with a final one for the middle of the eagle.


If you have some small humans to sew for amongst your friends and family, then I really recommend this as a quick-fix project and it’s perfect for using up scraps. The design possibilities are endless and at £9 a sweatshirt these are a fraction of similar styles at Mini Boden and such like.

Can you tell how much fun they had taking these photos? They love action shots! Good job I managed to get just one where the designs actually showed up, before they started jumping around…

13 thoughts on “Put a Bird on it!

    • Thanks Teri. They both loved making decisions about the design process. I can see a lot more of these in the future; I just need to source some plain sweatshirts in a wider range of colours first 🙂

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