Tell ’em about the rabbits George!


It didn’t take long for my daughter to discover the ‘Easter Bunny Garland’ pattern (or ‘bunny bunting’ as she named it) in issue 11 of ‘Love Sewing‘ magazine, which I subscribe to. To be honest, I think I got off lightly as a ‘bunny tote bag‘ and a ‘pop-up puppet theatre’ also featured in the same issue…

I’d been itching to do some sewing all week, but keeping two monkeys occupied doesn’t allow for an awful lot of sewing time. Sewing together seemed like a good compromise, although my nine year old son couldn’t be persuaded. He was more than happy to catch up on his latest Minecraft book though, with his younger sister safely occupied elsewhere 😉


We purchased a fat quarter pack from HobbyCraft in some suitably, Easter-like colours, but I was keen to improvise with the rest and deplete some of my ever-mounting stash. The instructions seemed clear and straightforward, but apart from using the template, I just made it up as we went along: i used iron-on interfacing instead of Bondaweb because that was what I had in; the ribbon which wrapped up the fat quarter became the hanging loops; and we simply used string to hang them on. I was sure my daughter had some pom-poms in one of her many (many) craft boxes, but she actually came up with the idea of buttons instead.


So button-tails it was!

We had great fun making this up together, although depending on the age of any children involved, I’d definitely recommend doing the cutting out in advance the night before. Apart from the ears, which were a little too tricky my daughter managed to do a lot of this project herself. It’s great to see her getting more confident on my machine and she particularly enjoyed selecting the fancy stitches for each one 🙂

Did anyone else get up to any Easter sewing or crafting?


21 thoughts on “Tell ’em about the rabbits George!

  1. Ooooh cute! Be careful, she will be stealing your machine and then what will you do?! Oh I suppose you do have your new friend the overlocker!
    I haven’t done any sewing for a few days now, I’m having withdrawals!

  2. Aw, lovely to have mummy & daughter time! The bunting looks super cute! I end up having cricket lessons from H if I want quality time!
    Enjoy the rest of your hols, think the forecast for us this week isn’t too bad 😄

  3. It must be wonderful to see her confidence growing and what a good job she did with the bunnies! I went to Liberty’s in Regent Street over Easter and spoiled myself with a few yards of fabulous fabric. Nothing made as yet, but it’s so pretty I just keep staring at it!

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