Smokey Grey


The trouble with having an overlocker is that it’s so quick and easy that it can get you into bad habits 😉 So on this project, on my regular machine, I was determined to get back to basics, slow down and enjoy the process…

The pattern is New Look K6217 which is a very non-shoutie, freebie pack that came with a magazine. The material is a beautiful, smokey grey, triple (can you get single and double too?) crepe from John Lewis. It cost £22 per metre originally, but was on half price sale. This is still more than I’d usually pay, but I’m fast learning that nicer fabrics in simple shapes are what get worn most. I’d originally bought it with a BHL Charlotte in mind, but thought that this simple, looser style would make a nice change. And I’m glad I did, I’m really pleased with this simple shape with its cheeky, little side split (see below).

The pattern consisted of just two pieces, so I slowed right down, pressing at each at every point, unheard of for me! I substituted a standard zip for my favourite invisible one and used bias binding in a tonal shade, rather than the ’twill tape’ recommended. Is ’twill tape’ an American thing? I got so engrossed it getting everything neat and tidy on this that I totally forgot to add the lining I’d cut out. Doh! I’d love to know when you get to the point where there isn’t always something…. However, at least this ‘something‘ wasn’t to do with the actual make, well kind of! And I now have a lining for another skirt project, all cut out and ready to go: any excuse!

And did you notice? The black tights are off! Finally! Hurrah! There’s been a glimmer of Spring in the air this week and about time too…



36 thoughts on “Smokey Grey

  1. Great looking skirt! It is definitely worth it to take your time on things. I have to remind myself of that all the time because I seem to always be in a hurry!

    • Thank you! Can’t believe I had the lining all cut out and ready only to forget to insert it! I was so pleased with my neat waistband, that I was darned if I was going to undone it all! Thankfully it’s fairly opaque…

  2. When I first saw your posts title I thought it was going to be about your cardi, did you made that too? Your whole outfit looks lovely together. I’ve got some black twill tape that they sell in different widths. It has no give in it like bias tape so maybe it asks for that to stop the waistband stretching out??

  3. Twit-twoo look at you 😛 it looks fab and wow that fabric was expensive!! Haha you forgot the lining but it still looks great and at least you didn’t use a cheap see-through fabric!

  4. Lovely skirt & wonderful price on that fabric! Am trying to work with better fabrics too. Have read many times that petersham ribbon is good for waistbands, as Thimberlina wrote, because it won’t stretch. Here’s a Sewaholic post I remembered, which explains & shows some twill tape: I agree that it’s almost impossible to find, but don’t think it’s strictly an American thing. But am no expert!
    Happy weekend!

  5. Looks like a really useful stylish piece. I really must make some work wear. Every thing I make is definitely for the weekend and definitely made in a rush as there’s usually only 30 minute gaps to do it in.

  6. Love the saucy side split! It doesn’t look like that fabric needed lining anyway so you lucked out there! Petersham is definitely the way to go for this kind of thing:)

  7. A great skirt and I love the cheeky side splits! I know what you mean by there’s always something though. I would love to complete a project without the seam ripper coming out!

  8. Your skirt looks fab and the little side split is a lovely feature. You could make twill tape using a bias binding maker but cutting the fabric along the straight grain instead of a 45 degree angle.

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  10. Great skirt and cheers for springtime bare legs. I use petersham ribbon instead of twill tape too. It holds a curve if needed and is easier to find in different widths and colors. Most of the twill tape in the chain stores in the U.S. is too thin and lightweight.

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