Sunday Sevens, (a trial run)

As I enjoy reading everyone else’s ‘Sunday Sevens’ (created by Nat over at Threads and Bobbins), I’d thought I’d give it a trial run this week. Not sure I could manage it every week though, which is probably a good thing to spare you all my rubbish photography skills.



Back to school, early morning alarm:ugh! Enough said… Sanity restored at my first yoga class of the week, (photo here clearly taken before the class itself).



Early Tuesday evening was spent catching up on some marking and preparation for school. After the kids had gone to bed, I enjoyed having a first stab at some freehand embroidery, based on a project from my recently purchased book. I started with the easiest: some heart-shaped lavender bags, and tried not to worry too much about the end results, but just to give it a go …



Wednesday was was my day off. This meant getting started on my giant to-do list, jobs I meant to get sorted out over half term 😉 I managed to tick half of them off before treating myself to a well-earned spot of reading on the couch. This book came highly recommended, but it’s a complicated plot to keep track of, so I’ve been trying to make myself read larger chunks at a time to fully immerse myself in it, which seems to be working. I’m about half way through now, but there’s still some way to go yet…



While I was waiting for my son to finish his piano lesson, I nipped to a couple of local charity shops and found a good pile of books for them both to enjoy, (except for the top one which came from Waterstones, and was bought with a voucher my son received off his grandparents for doing well in his recent school report). In the evening I went to my second yoga class of the week: amazingly hard to get a flattering photo whilst doing yoga. This, believe it or not, was one of the better ones (even with my backside in the air).


Ahem, yes Friday! Totally forgot to take any photos sorry! Nothing exciting happened in the day, just usual school stuff, but I did go to my first Stella and Dot party in the evening, hosted by another mum from my children’s school, which is a kind of modern version of the 70s Tupperware parties, in case you haven’t come across them before. A real shame I didn’t take any photos actually, as the trays of jewellery on display were very impressive, as were the canapés on offer. Whoops!



Saturday morning was spent at my usual Zumba class. In the afternoon I took the children to a local park, just about managing to dodge the showers.


image image

And finally we visited the newly revamped Altrincham market for lunch this afternoon. The old market house has been recently modernised and is now occupied by a range of lovely, independent food and drink outlets. I chose a kale and chorizo oven-baked pizza. As you can see in the background my son made light work of his.

So there you go, and yes, I know I clearly can’t count, English teachers, hey?! I won’t be joining in every week, as I’m guessing most of my weeks would look pretty ‘samey’, but I enjoyed giving it a try. Maybe I’ll try again over a half term, when we tend to be a bit more adventurous…

Hope everyone else had good weeks too,