Baby steps in embroidery


I had a bit of a ‘finishing off’ day today at the sewing table (aka the kitchen table…). Tempting though it was just to start something new, I forced myself to attempt some closure on a few projects that have been littering our spare room for far too long now. First up was finishing off these simple, lavender hearts from The Hand-Stitched Home by Caroline Zoob. I managed to complete the needlework on these in just one evening. Never having done any kind of embroidery before, I ignored all fancy stitch terms and just had a bit of a go! I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Sure, they’re far from perfect, but (especially from a distance), they really look quite effective πŸ™‚

Shame I made a bit of a hash sewing them up on my machine (really, this should have been the bit I did get right!). My ‘little tree’ heart is a fairly neat, heart shape, but my ‘flowers’ one is completely misshapen! The lavender makes them smell lovely though…

My second project was to revisit my first pair of trousers. Taking heed of some of your lovely comments, I thought I’d carefully unpick the crotch seam and the four darts. I then resewed them all, but this time all slightly narrower, which worked pretty well. Well, at least in that I can now get them on and zipped up. However they’re still just a smidgen too tight for workwear, which is really the last place I want too-tight pants! I think it was Sheila of Sewchat who suggested inserting a v of fabric in the back. I have plenty of fabric left over to contemplate this, but the checked pattern is making me nervous. It’s a lovely fabric and they’re so close to being just right, that I’m actually thinking of just taking them to a local seamstress to ask her to rescue them for me! What do you think? Is this classed as ‘cheating’? I have an excuse all ready if it is: see above, small, fiddly projects really aren’t my forte!

And lastly I had fun taking my first Megan Dress in on my overlocker. Although it was pretty comfy, its shape really wasn’t doing me any favours, and as a result, it just wasn’t getting worn. Taking in the side seams was really quick and it feels much smarter as a result.

So a pretty productive afternoon all in all πŸ™‚ Even more exciting is the course I’m attending on Sunday. It’s a beginners’ course in embroidery with the one and only Deborah Simms of TGBSB fame. Can’t wait!

Have a great weekend everyone,



24 thoughts on “Baby steps in embroidery

  1. Aw, you’re hearts look kinda cute being a bit mid-shapen, you could always say the kids made em! Well done for getting on and finished stuff…I’ve not got too many sewing UFOs but do have loads of crochet ones. πŸ˜ƒ

  2. Aw your embroidery is so cute! Well done on tackling the UFOs! Now on to the next big thing πŸ˜€ I’m a bit jealous of your class at the weekend! Have fun!

  3. Very impressive, both your embroidery and your moves towards closure. (She says as she is sheepishly off to the sewing table to tidy away those remnants of projects long finished).
    By the way: What did you make of series 3 of GBSB? Happy with the winner?

  4. The embroidered heart sachet’s are adorable πŸ™‚ I don’t think getting help with your trousers are cheating. That is how we learn and it seems your very close to getting it the way you want. I love the fabric of your trousers too!

  5. Well done you for getting so many projects completed! Sounds a great reward on Sunday ~ do keep us posted. (Agree that learning from “another sewer” isn’t cheating!) del

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