Seeing Stars


And Liberty ones at that πŸ™‚ This caught my eye in the last issue of LoveSewing magazine. It’s a kit for a table runner and matching napkins from a company called Alice Caroline (Β To be honest it didn’t come cheap, mostly because I needed to order additional napkins. We have both sets of parents coming to us for Christmas Day, so that’s eight of us in total. Not a lot by some people’s standards, but a fair few for us. Anyway this was my little pre-Christmas treat forΒ the house!


It made a really nice change from dressmaking actually. The stars came already cut out, but they still took a fair bit of time to stitch on. It gave me a really good chance to use a different machine foot: the custom crafted zigzag foot no less! This, according to my guide, has an ‘open toe’ (loving the extended metaphor, who knew sewing feet had toes?) ‘for a better view’. I also used one of my much ignored, fancy stitches (no 64) which was the closest I could get to replicating a hand sewn blanket stitch. I was really pleased with the effect, but took it pretty slowly around all those corners. Radio 4 was playing an orchestral version of A Christmas Carol, so I totally zoned out. I turned the speed up for applying the binding the next morning, and, mostly, managed it fairly neatly.

I enjoyed running this up much more than I thought I would. I ran up half of the napkins this morning and need to finish the other half tomorrow morning, before packing away my machine for a much needed festive break. The service from this company was excellent and it arrived the very next day. I also really liked the fact that I had zero waste. I imagine if you’re a seasoned sewer or quilter, you might have plenty of pretty off-cuts you could use up for a similar project, but this kit was perfect for someone like me who doesn’t dabble in home projects very often.

Good luck with finishing in time if you’re still stitching up last minute Christmas gifts, or treats for yourself! I’ve just finished these two scarves, in the (saint!) nick of time for the two children of a friend. I’m hoping they’ll be appreciated. I couldn’t resist adding the labels that I’ve rediscovered lately. Must get some sewing ones, they make my wonky stitching look much more presentable.


Have a lovely, restful Christmas everyone!




ps My #sewingsanta parcel arrived this morning. Thank you Vicki! I can’t wait to rip it open πŸ™‚ My children are almost as excited as me to find out what’s inside…


26 thoughts on “Seeing Stars

  1. L-O-V-E I-T! Super table runner, love the colour combination you have used… Well done you. Have really enjoyed reading all your blogs, admiring all your handy work throughout the year, you should pat yourself on the back, you have certainly produced some splendid things, also thank you for sharing them with all… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may 2015 bring lots more goodies from you to us to view!
    Jay x

  2. Very pretty and it looks really well made. Nice to make a 2D thing for a change! Have a lovely Christmas and good luck with the meal for 8 – I only have half that πŸ™‚

    • Thank you! It’s given me a taster for a few more house items next year. I can hear my wardrobe sighing with relief πŸ˜‰
      My husband does Christmas Day cooking; I’m chief chopper upper and washer upper πŸ™‚ We have a deal that I do all the boring, weekday cooking as I’m home first, but he does the weekends and any ‘sociable’ cooking…
      Have a lovely, festive break yourself x

  3. Making a table runner was one of the things I planned to do this year but never got round to! Yours is lovely, so stylish. So glad I discovered your blog this year Teresa, Merry Christmas! x

  4. This looks great and it is so lovely that you will be able to use it in future and think back to when you made it. I will also be in charge of peeling, chopping and washing up at Christmas – as a none meat-eater I can’t be trusted at Christmas, which suits me fine! Would love to see a pic of your completed Christmas table, with your runner in pride of place.

    • Thank you! I’ll try and remember to take a picture. It always makes me smile getting things out again each year, so I can add this to the list now πŸ™‚
      Acting as sous-chef suits me just fine too, far less pressure! Enjoy!

  5. Fabulous! I prefer sewing ‘things’ rather than clothes as I’m not into fashion (unless it’s a ballgown of course!). I love Debbie Bliss yarn – I bet those scarves are gorgeous. Happy Christmas!

    • Thank you. They were actually reject balls of wool my mum was getting rid of, so perfect for small projects. I have just enough of the pink to knit my daughter one of too as she really liked it πŸ™‚ Have a lovely, restful break x

  6. That’s really pretty! It does make a refreshing change to sew something a bit different once in a while but i bet you’ll be itching to get back into dress making after Christmas! Hope you have a lovely Christmas!

  7. What a lovely table runner. You should feel very proud of yourself!
    Have a very merry Christmas and I bet you will get some appreciative comments about your table decorations as well as your clothes this Christmas!

  8. Ooooo i saw that! It looks fabulous! Do the napkins have stars on too? We need a photo of the Christmas dinner table for sure! I made 4 sets of 8 napkins….yawn! Good luck!
    Have a brilliant Christmas and New Year…thanks for being one of my Blog Buddies this year! XxxπŸ’

    • Pleasure and thank you likewise πŸ™‚
      The napkins are in the same fabric as the stars, in four different reds. All very pretty. Surprisingly, I actually like making up napkins… Must be tired!
      Have a great festive break x

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