Why I love this little corner of the internet…

My husband often mocks my ‘imaginary friends’ I’ve made through blogging, but he’s really missing the point of why this little, tiny corner of the internet is so fab πŸ™‚ When I posted about a recent make that came out far too small, I was genuinely amazed at how many people offered their reassurance and advice. And what great advice too! My previously unwearable make, see here, that I had resigned myself to packing away until next Spring to fret about, suddenly became easy to rescue. And here she is…


The simple but revelational (to me), advice of removing the sleeves worked in lessening the ‘pull’ across my chest. I then neatened up the side seams, made some additional bias binding (not my favourite of tasks, but I can see I’ve improved a little), and attached accordingly. It’s now wearable, hurrah! Thank you Thimberlina (Thimberlina.wordpress.com) πŸ™‚ The idea of inserting a couple of lace panels along the side seams would have been my next step, totally in-keeping with the theme of the top (if tops have themes!?!) had this not fully worked, thank you Teri (farsewla.wordpress.com).

So my daft husband can laugh all he likes (what do men ever know anyway?), but I love being involved in such a supportive and inspiring community. Thank you to anyone who reads or leaves comments (and for the links to leggings patterns) They really are much appreciated πŸ™‚


Incidentally, you may have noticed my new BFF. I’m naming her Betty, after both my unplanned pattern purchase last week, see here, and a discussion of a certain, famous tea and cake emporium with Amanda of aebgledhill.wordpress.com which I was conducting while putting her together at the weekend πŸ˜‰ I love how ridiculously tiny her waist was before I adjusted her to my, ahem, more ‘realistic’ measurements. Sorry Betty, but if we’re going to be best friends you’d better get used to the cake…

23 thoughts on “Why I love this little corner of the internet…

  1. Amazing!!!!! Your re-worked top is beautiful. I hope you’re very proud of it. I totally agree with you on the value of having ‘imaginary friends’ who inspire and assist when the sewing gets tough. Really well done (and a special hi & welcome to Betty from Dolly, my rather well-padded-around the-boobs dress form!).

  2. Beautiful – I think I prefer the sleeveless look to the original! A big welcome to Betty too. I’ve been looking at dress forms and it’s a minefield out there! If you don’t mind me asking, where did you find her?

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ Betty was my birthday/ early Christmas present off my husband, with some heavy hints about a wooden frame…. Think he got if off the internet, will get back to you later, when he’s in…

    • Sorry for delay in getting back to you. My dress form was from a company called ‘Sewing-online.com’ apparently ‘a world of haberdashery and craft at your fingertips!’. My husband seemed pretty impressed by their service and speed of delivery and although I haven’t used it that much yet, it seems to be really good quality πŸ™‚

  3. Hooray for an excellent rescue! Your top looks really pretty and a good wardrobe staple. I’m totally loving the lace collar. Lace side panels would have been awesome too.

  4. Brilliant save, well done! We bloggers may start off being virtual friends, but I had a very welcome offer of meeting up for coffee at a LYS by a fellow blogger (whom I admire muchly!) and am looking forward to that very much. So do you mind if I blow a virtual raspberry at your hubby?!!!!

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