The Winter Ginger

When it came to packing away my Summer clothes a while back, the item that I knew I would miss the most was my lovely, navy, linen Ginger, see here. Seriously, this skirt has never let me down 🙂 When I unearthed this navy, cord material from my stash (still going at it…), there was only one pattern worth considering… I give you the Winter Ginger!


I was a little wary of using a much thicker fabric with zero stretch, so I allowed myself 3/8″ instead of 5/8″ seam allowance. I was keen not to put too much pressure on the zip, as I think was the problem with my first Ginger, see here. This seemed to work well, and the fit turned out perfectly.

There’s not much more to say about this. I followed the pattern as before, opting this time for the curved waistband. I do love Colette patterns: they’re extremely clear, easy to follow and I love the ‘neatness’ of their booklets 🙂

I’ve a feeling this make will look a little dull on here, but when I opened my wardrobe door to find something to wear with it, the options were endless. I seriously think this skirt will go with my entire wardrobe and that makes me happy, as I know it’ll get worn loads 🙂

image image




20 thoughts on “The Winter Ginger

  1. Lovely skirt – it has the kind of classic shape you really could mix with so many tops for lots of different outfits. I don’t have this pattern, but I’m really hoping to make a cord Beignet skirt – I just haven’t found the right weight fabric yet!

    • I know, I always get sidetracked into the prettier prints. I can’t imagine actually being attracted to this in a fabric shop (I bought it such a long time ago) but I’m betting it will really earn its keep 🙂

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