Small Things…

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Ever completed a make and been amazed at how tiny it’s turned out?

I thought I’d set my mind to using up some smaller pieces from my slowly decreasing stash. I wanted to run up something pretty, yet useful, with some smaller bits of Liberty fabric, that I think came free with a magazine subscription some time ago. This cute pin cushion, featured in ‘The Love Sewing Book of Liberty Sewing’ caught my attention.

As you can see in the magazine image, above right, they’d clearly used a close up, but I didn’t realise quite how extreme a one, until my teeny, tiny pin cushion was complete. Well, it’s certainly cute, and it’s certainly useable, but look at the contrast in size!!

I must confess, that while it was novel to make this, I much prefer dressmaking. I’ve got some more smaller cuts to use up, so I’m thinking of eye-masks and nail file cases, both of which I’ve seen in magazines recently, but I’m not that fussed at the prospect if I’m honest… They might pass as ‘token’ presents, for when you want to include a little something with a card for a friend, maybe… Let’s hope they turn out big enough to work…


Incidentally, I found a good home for lots of my smaller scraps of fabric. The textiles (‘home economics’ in my day) department at school was really grateful for them, and many pieces got used straight away πŸ™‚ I know there are a fair few teachers out there, so might be worth a try, if you’re trying to declutter, but can’t bear to bin those precious bits of fabric? I now have one basket of larger scraps for me, and one bag of smaller ones, destined for school when it gets full enough.



14 thoughts on “Small Things…

  1. I’m currently hoarding my scraps of fabric to transform into some fancy underwear if I ever find the nerve to begin😊

  2. I’m with you on the slight disenchantment with fiddly but useful sewing. I do quilt, so that’s a home for some of the scraps, but I haven’t really found my love for all the littel pouches, cases etc.
    You pin cushion is very nice all the same. Maybe I should get round to making one as well …

  3. Wow, the pincushion in the photo looks HUGE! Yours is so cute!! And I like your pretty pins, by the way.
    I have made one following their instructions and it turned out the perfect size (for me), I really love it. I guess it all boils down to the size of the circular object you use to draw the template…
    It is surprising how little it turns out though; I remember my circle was pretty big! I made a mini one for my sister a few weeks ago – I meant for it to be small, but it turned out REALLY small… like, only a bit bigger than a 50p… maybe a quarter the size of yours…. it was incredibly fiddly to make but it is so cute!! You have to put pins in at an angle, though.
    I think you’ve got to take a break from dressmaking sometimes; I find it refreshing πŸ™‚

    • πŸ™‚ Good to try different things, though they seem to take me even longer because they’re so fiddly! I’m going to try a few other ideas before I give up entirely. Hopefully the size will turn out better, fingers crossed…

  4. The pin cushion is beautiful! But I confess, I’m exactly the same, I keep thinking I should be sewing Christmas stockings or 3d Christmas trees, but everything other than dresses & tops just seems so trivial! Also, thanks for the tip about fabric scraps. I AM a teacher & hadn’t even thought of using them for craft or collage πŸ™‚

    • Well, at least you got more organised. We have so much ‘stuff’ in our house that I had to take action! Smaller projects aren’t really my thing, but I’m going to try a few more before I give up…

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