Three Years in the Making…

Three years? Yep, you did hear that right! It’s a good job my tastes haven’t changed that much and that my Mum is on hand to ‘rescue’ my knitting projects whenever I get stuck (or pull something out, having not touched it for a year, and find I have absolutely no idea where I’m up to). Thank you Mum!

image image

So, clearly I haven’t been knitting this constantly for the last three years (I’m slow, but not that slow!). I always love the idea of knitting projects, but I do find them slow, and if I’m honest, not often that flattering when they’re finished. They always look great on the models, but if you’re on the short and curvy end of the body spectrum like me, quite often they just end up making me feel dumpy 😦 Does anyone else find this?

This particular pattern is from a beautiful Debbie Bliss book, named ‘Out of Town‘ which I think is even older than my project… And I did choose sensibly, selecting a cardigan (which are generally more flattering than hand made jumpers on me), and one entitled ‘Slimline Jacket’ at that.

image image


It’s knitted from a really pretty, duck-egg blue ‘cashmerino astrakhan’. The smallest size available was a 34″ bust, but as it’s a pretty straightforward stocking stitch pattern, (the astrakhan yarn does all the work), I sized it down to a 32″ pretty easily. Well, easily until I’d left in untouched for a year, and couldn’t work out where on earth I was up to. Again, thank you Mum!

The shaping too was pretty straightforward, so nothing caused me too much trouble with this. No idea why it took so long really 😉 I think because knitting is definitely a Winter hobby for me, and also my sewing kind of took over…

Anyway, now it’s finished I’m actually really pleased with it. I threw it on over my Megan Dress which I just happened to be wearing today, see here. Maybe not the best match. I think it will look nice with a crisp, white shirt or white, long-sleeved t-shirt underneath, something a little plainer. And I probably should have pressed it to stop the bottom curling up and to keep the collar down. My impatience took over sorry! I keep hearing about ‘blocking’, which I’ve never come across before I started following blogs. Even my Mum looked puzzled at this concept when I asked her about it. It’s something I clearly need to look into for next time. Let’s just hope that’s not in another three years…


10 thoughts on “Three Years in the Making…

  1. I love reading your blog as I keep thinking…oh yes, that’s me! I have never heard of blocking and been knitting since I was 7! Don’t really knit much anymore as I always feel dumpy in what I make! I think it’s the side seam stitching which I am terrible and and makes the seams 3 inches thick….in chunky wool! I usually get bored knitting anything thinner! I am really impressed with your jacket though it is lovely. And is very flattering! I feel inspired to knit one but the wool costs a fortune to buy in one go doesn’t it… my day you put it away in the wool shop and so had to get it finished in 3 months or you lost your wool! Lol keep knitting!

    • Thanks Amanda! Glad it’s not just me that feels dumpy in knitted things. I’ve learnt that patterns that are ‘fitted’ or ribbed, especially a deep rib at the waistband work well, as does knitting things up ridiculously small, as they always come out bigger than you think. My favourite knits are the really fine yarns, but like you I get v v bored. Thank goodness for my Mum! And, yes I remember my Mum putting aside wool for me when I was younger, crikey that brings back memories 🙂 xx

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