Eat, Sleep, Sew, Repeat…


Next up for using up was this navy and cream knit from my first Coco top, see here. I thought I’d have just about enough to give last week’s pattern, Burda Style 7175 another outing, and I was keen to see how it would turn out in a knit.

I didn’t have any suitable fabric for jazzing up the side panels, so I thought I’d flip the stripes a different way round to create some contrast instead. I’m pretty pleased with the results of this 🙂

After the hiccup with my zip last week (only to find that I could actually get the finished top on without unzipping it at all, doh!) I decided to omit the zip entirely with this one. The neck is pretty wide and given that it’s a knit, I figured it would stretch to fit. Thankfully this worked fine. It also allowed me to take the top in by an extra inch or so, as I was worried the slightly boxy fit which worked so well with my tweed version, see here, wouldn’t be quite as flattering in a knit. I also took each of the sides in a little extra too, which worked well to streamline the shape.

I was unsure as to whether to bother with the front slits or not. I decided I might as well, but I’m not sure they really work in this fabric. It might have been more flattering to stitch them up so that I could tuck this in? I left out the buttons on this one too. I didn’t really have anything suitable, but also thought this would look better unadorned and buttons might prove too heavy.

I’m not quite so enamoured with this version. It’s ok, but I just don’t love it. I think it’s just a little plain… Maybe I need to have a play around matching it with some different items in my wardrobe? Not sure…

It was a beautiful, Autumn day yesterday but there was a definite nip in the air so I’ve layered it up in these photos. I also had a big, navy cardigan on, which I whipped off to get these shots, hence my scarf, red, I do listen to your advice ;-), is looking ridiculously long in these. If you look closely, you’ll also see an impressive set of antlers in the background too 🙂


Photos taken at Dunham Massey, Altrincham, our nearest National Trust property.



22 thoughts on “Eat, Sleep, Sew, Repeat…

  1. Ooh this top is gorgeous! I love the vertical stripes on the sides. I often feel like horizontal stripes are unflattering on me, but this looks like a great solution!
    Also, wow those antlers!!

  2. Wow your stripe matching is very impressive! The vertical stripes look great and – don’t take this the wrong way – they’re probably slimming too! 🙂

  3. Oh I love this top! I like the stripes going different ways……definitely not a homemade version if you can do that! Yes, red scarf looks good! Red is definitely one of your colours!

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