You wait all year for one scarf, and then two come together in one week…

Or almost!

Work’s been pretty hectic this week, so something simple was required for my weekly making-fix. I’ve always dismissed scarf yarns as verging just a little bit on the naff, although, to be fair, not all of them. (And I love snoods, something I’ll definitely be having a go at now I’ve reawakened my love of knitting). I’ve been seduced by the novelty of such yarns before, but been disappointed by the results.

However I spotted this particular one in a lovely wool shop in Lydney, (The Forest of Dean), where I was visiting my in-laws a couple of weekends ago. It’s a yarn (or ‘tubular ribbon’ if you want to get technical) called ‘Voila’ by Adriafil, which requires nothing more than a crochet hook and a basic chain stitch, which even I could manage (I can’t crochet, though would love to try). It took me roughly an hour to construct and voila...


I love both the colour and the twisted effect of this. It’s similar in style to one that cost me a small fortune from All Saints a few years ago. My daughter’s quite taken with it too, so maybe I’ll be whipping another one up sooner than I’d planned…



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