The Elisalex Revisited

It was back in April when I originally posted about attempting to run before I could walk with this dress. I seriously got somewhat ahead of myself in terms of my skills level πŸ˜‰ Back then, I got some really useful tips from both Sharon at and Barbara-Jane from on how to go about fixing some of the problems I encountered. Thank you ladies! However, since I made it in tweed-like fabrics, the heaviness of it had put me off revisiting it again until now. The Monthly Stitch’s ‘Amnesty Month’Β gave me the kick I needed…


What’s really good about revisiting old projects is that you realise how much you’ve progressed! Seriously, my ‘finish’ on this was truly awful! I’m still a long way from perfect, but progress has definitely been made πŸ™‚



The main problem with this make, and the one that made me most reluctant to wear it, was the unflattering length. So the first thing I did, following the advice referred to above, was to unpick and remove the original zip which was a pretty ugly, big plastic one anyway. The second main problem was the fit of the bodice.

So, as I replaced the zip with a much shorter (and prettier one), I took the bodice in a little either side of the zip. Once in, the shorter zip allowed me to chop off a good few inches off the length of the skirt to a more wearable length.

I was then left with the task of hand sewing the bodice lining back to my outer fabric. But this time, a whole lot more neatly. It’s still not my favourite make, but at least I can now wear it out, although probably only for work. Just in time for the cooler weather.

And after!

And after!



13 thoughts on “The Elisalex Revisited

  1. Looking good! Remember the blouse with the bow from Sew Simply? I made a Muslim in some terrible fabric that I never even bothered to finish. However, knowing how lovely yours turned out, I have tried again with a cotton Paisley….but it is so big and baggy on the tummy, did you have that problem ? I am wondering if that is the style or does it need some dart type sewing in it? Advice please!

    • I think I’ve always worn it tucked in, so not really noticed any bulk in the tummy area. I think you actually mentioned a side zip when I first completed mine and I remember thinking that would work really well, so maybe you could try that? We’re away this weekend, so no chance for sewing. I’ve brought my knitting instead, but not quite the same, having serious withdrawal symptoms logging on here…

  2. Oh isn’t it such a great feeling to really see how far you’ve come, how much you’ve improved, in only a few months. Your dress looks great! It looks ideal for work. πŸ™‚

  3. The shorter length looks good, very cute. So good to be able to save something and to progress in the skill department. I love a neat finish these days, it wasn’t always so.

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