Waste not, Want not…

Taking part in the OWOP challenge forced me to admit that my first Ginger, see here, was ready to be put out to pasture. I’d attempted to resurrect it once, see here, but it hadn’t really worked out that well 😦

Still, rather than bin it (it was way past the charity bag stage), I thought I’d attempt to turn it into a skirt for my daughter. Nothing ventured…

I simply unpicked the zip (possibly to use again?), cut off the waistband and sewed up the back seam a little higher. Then roughly following the very first skirt patterns I ever made, I turned under the top edge just a little and stitched. Next,using the width of my elastic as a guide, I folded again to form my waistband, sewing it down but leaving a small gap to insert the elastic through. Lastly, I inserted the elastic, pulling it through with a safety pin, and finished up the gap. My daughter was keen to add a little extra detail, so we picked a small mouse patch (Β£1.99 for three from H and M) to stitch to the bottom, right hand corner. And here it is…

imageΒ image

This conversion from mum-skirt to daughter-skirt took me all of an hour. I’m really pleased with it and so is my daughter. While she’s still a lot smaller than me (and that really won’t be for long, even at the age of six, she’s catching me fast) this is something I’ll definitely try again. The perfect play skirt πŸ™‚


19 thoughts on “Waste not, Want not…

  1. Heehee! I love that your 6 year old already has such a sense of style that she’s telling you how to embellish her skirt for her.

    Excellent upcycling!

    • Thank you! I’m yet to attempt anything for my son either. I thought I’d have a go at some simple shorts, but will have to be next year now, though by then he might be. Of the same opinion as yours πŸ˜‰

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