Wearing my heart on my sleeve…

… or my love of sewing at any rate!

image image

I popped into our local HobbyCraft last weekend to pick up some back-to-school supplies for the monkeys and saw this fabric. I’ve never purchased fabric here before, and it certainly wasn’t cheap, but on a whim I bought it 😉

After my last, excruciating make, this lovely, crisp bolt of fabric just wouldn’t let me walk on by.


I wasn’t too sure what to make with it, but flicking through my patterns, I happened upon Colette’s Sencha. I’ve made this once before, see here and couldn’t quite remember why I hadn’t made another. Half way through I remembered, all the hand sewing, that’s why… I did consider ignoring the instructions and machine stitching the sleeves, but as I’d already sewn up the side seams, it was too late! I must remember to do them first next time.

This time around, I plumped for version 2, deciding to tackle those dastardly button holes. I had a trial run on a scrap piece of fabric and then went for it. Not sure what I was scared of really, if you have an automatic buttonhole foot the machine really does do all the work for you 🙂 The only nerve-wracking bit was slicing through with my scissors. Sharon of Petiteandsewing suggested getting a buttonhole chisel (thank you), and I have one on my ‘birthday wish list’ for the end of next month, so fingers crossed! I’ve clearly positioned them a little too far in, but other than that I’m pretty pleased with them.

This print is a little busy for me, but I still couldn’t resist a little, lace trim. Seriously, I think it must be linked to my sweet tooth gene. I simply can’t resist, and it did match up really well…

I paired it with some dark, denim jeans in these photos which calms the print down a little. I’m not fully convinced it’s really me, but it was a pure pleasure to sew with, which I think I deserved after my last project. Maybe next time I’ll try it untucked. And now, I even match my header 😉



13 thoughts on “Wearing my heart on my sleeve…

  1. How cute! I think you can pull off the busy print. Congratulations on your buttonholes! I’m off to research what a buttonhole chisel is… Never heard of that! I just use my trusty unpicker!

    • Thank you! I used a really small pair of scissors that came free with Molly Makes many moons ago. I presume the end of the chisel is the right length/shape and just gives you a little more control? I’ll let you know if I find it useful..

  2. I’ve only recently heard of a button hole chisel. I usually use my seam ripper but it can result in messy button holes and I’m always scared of ripping straight through the button hole. I think I need to try to find one and see how it does. I love that shirt– the print is very fun.

  3. I do love a fun fabric that jumps out at you and this one works really well with the pattern. I am intrigued by the button hole chisel too!

  4. Hello, I have been nominated to do a blog hop and because I love reading your blog do you fancy being the person I nominate?
    You just need to answer two questions on it!

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