Birthday Cupcakes!

We’ve celebrated two family birthdays over the last week or so (I promised not to mention actual ages), which coincided with The Monthly Stitch’s birthday celebrations. My daughter’s been keen to do some ‘proper’ sewing on my machine all Summer, so these cupcake napkins seemed like the perfect project.

image image

This was a really simple pattern that I’ve used a couple of times before. It’s  perfect for beginners, or similar ‘mother and daughter’ projects. The idea came from this book –


…and simply involves sewing three strips of fabric together with the use of French seams, and finishing by hemming the whole thing together. The idea is to use up fabric scraps, so it really doesn’t matter which fabrics you use. The only difficult part was finding a happy medium between me wanting a reasonably ‘neat’ finish and letting my daughter have her own input (clearly whilst keeping her safe and injury free). I think we managed it, although she found waiting for me to press out each seam very long indeed…

A simple project, but one we both enjoyed. I’m hoping that getting these out in the future will make us both smile as she gets older. She was very proud of them. We managed to make four, but could probably do with another couple for the grandparents, who are always happy to celebrate the smallest of events with a good cake 🙂 Who isn’t I guess?



4 thoughts on “Birthday Cupcakes!

  1. Thank you! Thought it would be nice to have special ‘cake’ ones, seeing as we get through so much… How’s school gone? I’ve done two insets and it’s my day off today so it’s fallen perfectly.

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