The Spotted Ginger


I almost titled this post ‘Last of the Summer Makes’, as it feels so cold and wet here in the UK at the moment, that my thoughts are definitely turning to more Autumnal projects. However since I bought this fabric at the start of the Summer and who knows, we might just experience some late sun? I thought I’d run it up. The fabric, as usual from Leon’s in Chorlton, might not go with black tights come Winter, but it’s fairly sturdy, somewhere between a denim and a canvas, so fingers crossed it should get a few outings before the weather really turns.

This is my fourth version of Colette’s Ginger skirt. If you’re interested you can see my earlier versions here, here and here. For this version I decided to ring the changes ever so slightly by completing version 1, with the pointed centre waist, rather that the curved band I’d used for my previous Gingers. There isn’t a great difference in the end result though, and it still forms a really flattering, high waist band.

I also couldn’t resist adding a small, lace trim just beneath the waistband. I was trying to resist, as I really need more casual items in my homemade wardrobe, but the colour just matched so perfectly… Maybe next time…

There’s not much to add with regards to this skirt’s construction other than each time I run one of these up, I get an even neater appearance, both inside and out. My only slight niggle is that there’s a slight ‘bump’ just at the bottom of the zip, maybe because it’s a slightly thicker fabric? I’m not sure it’s visible to an untrained eye though, fingers crossed!



Clearly having problems with the wind in these shots, and believe me these were the ‘best’ of the bunch…

With four Gingers now in my possession, I’m all ready to take part in ‘One Week, One Pattern’ (OWOP) hosted by the lovely Jane over at If you’re taking part, which pattern have you decided to use for the event?


17 thoughts on “The Spotted Ginger

  1. I love your new spotted Ginger – mmmm sounds like a nice autumnal dessert there!?
    The lace looks great and I think you made the right choice in adding it!
    I am still not sure what to wear for the OWOP yet. I have 3 gingers which could be a contender, although I have also racked up 4 Grainline Scout tees and 4 Colette Sorbetto’s too.
    I guess it will all depend on the lovely British weather… and I am starting my new Head of Faculty job at school next week so need to think about which will be more work appropriate.

    • Like the idea of a spotted Ginger Autumnal dessert very much indeed 🙂
      I know, I wasn’t sure what to pick either. I’ve gone for the Ginger as mine are mostly pretty formal, but weather pretty grim and black tights suddenly becoming very tempting…
      Good luck with the new role next week, hope it goes well, whilst clearly not eating up too much of your sewing time 😉

    • Thank you! I think it worked well, but I need to move away from my ’embellishment with everything’ default mode at some point. I was really envious of your smart, grey joggers and white top combo, I need some lux loungewear in my wardrobe, definitely on my Autumn to-sew list…

  2. Very pretty skirt. It’s quite an achievement making things neat on the inside, a feeling of accomplishment to do that, so definately worth perfecting a pattern for that.

    My last day in the UK today and I would describe the weather as iffy. Hope you get a few more of the gorgeous twighligjts before the weather turns.

    • Thanks Barbara. I’m getting there slowly but surely on the neat finish, especially pleased with how the insides turned out on this one.
      Hope you’ve had a great time over here, despite our frustratingly changeable weather 🙂

    • Thank you! And yes, typical on the weather front next week, although I’ll believe it when I see it… Photos yesterday were taken during the only lull in the constant rain! Do you go back Monday too?

      • Yes, we are back Monday and tues. Children return on wed. Then I am going to a wedding in Leeds next weekend tho, hoping it holds out til then for them!

  3. Another lovely make! The fabric is lovely and the high waistband is really flattering. I’ve seen so many blogs about this pattern that I may have to purchase this one too!

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