‘Making it a lifestyle’

Some of my favourite sections of Tilly Walnes’ ‘Love At First Stitch’ book (after the lovely designs of course) are the ‘Make it a Lifestyle’ sections. With this in mind, coupled with how much insight I gleaned into what I actually wear from taking part in ‘MeMadeMay’ (and how much I enjoyed it 🙂 ), I was determined to incorporate some of my ‘me-makes’ into my holiday wardrobe this Summer.

Problem was, I was also determined to travel pretty light. Because we were planning on going to a quieter part of Rhodes and our only ‘nightlife’ consisted of visiting local tavernas or having BBQs at our villa, I really didn’t require much in the way of smart clothing. I’d also far rather fill my suitcase with good reads- my favourite this year by far was ‘The Goldfinch’ by Donna Tart, brilliant if you haven’t already read it!

These are the ‘me-made’ items I took, and managed to wear…


First up granted, was more of a ‘me-adjustment’ than a ‘me-make’, which I blogged about here. With its ‘Bon Voyage’ print though, this had to have a place in my suitcase and it was great to be able to wear it again. So pleased I chopped all that length off 🙂

Next up was my Miette skirt, blogged about here, seen below out and about in Rhodes Town. This was perfect holiday wear, I only wished I’d had a couple more lighter weight versions in cheaper fabrics. I don’t go below factor 30 generally as I burn pretty easily, which tends to be pretty thick stuff so I was a bit worried about spoiling the lovely fabric of this one, luckily it’s come out since.


And of course I wore these, which I blogged about last week, here.


For travelling there and back I also made use of my first Coco top, blogged about here. I didn’t bother taking photos at the airport though so you’ll have to make do with an old one.


My daughter packed and wore her Great British Sewing Bee dress, blogged about here, possibly for the last time as it only just about zipped up! Although that could have been all the calamari we ate. I’ve so far avoided wearing anything too fitted since we got back 😉

And lastly I packed these laundry bags (from Cath Kidson’s ‘Sew’ book), unblogged, for their smalls, which I made eons ago but we make good use of whenever we go away.


I’m pretty pleased that I used all of the above, most several times over. I hate hauling stuff out somewhere, only to haul it all the way back unworn 😦 Next year, if we go on a similar type of holiday, I’ll definitely run up a couple more Miettes. I could also do with a few more casual ‘day’ dresses for days out.

Did you manage to wear any of your me-makes whilst on holiday this year?


5 thoughts on “‘Making it a lifestyle’

  1. Your holiday makes are lovely! The idea of adding the ties to the tunic is genius- I got the same pattern with the magazine and almost gave it away as thought the shape would be to loose/ unflattering- but it looks lovely with the tied in waist and really summery! Will give that a go next year if I get anywhere near the sun…

  2. You looked great! I managed to wear all me, me, me on my hols. I took a capsule wardrobe and it is the first time EVER I have been happy with my outfits on my hols!!

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