Celebratory shopping :-)

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I finally finished this Summer’s marking over the weekend, all 676 of them! Phew!   I work for one of the big exam boards, and even though it’s really useful for my day-to-day teaching, it’s a pretty hard slog. So, to celebrate I went fabric shopping 🙂

There was a sale on in John Lewis, so I stocked up. On the fabric front, I got a lovely ‘Holly Hobby’ type print for my daughter, a striking print called ‘galloping horses’ for a simple A-line dress I have in mind and a lovely ikat print I’m thinking of completing Tilly and the Buttons’ Miette skirt in.

And I couldn’t resist adding these lovely, 60s style Burda patterns to my basket. Most of which are way beyond my present abilities, but how beautiful are they? And totally wearable too. Definitely something to aim for. I’ll add them to my very long list…


8 thoughts on “Celebratory shopping :-)

  1. Loving the Galloping Horses! Will we be seeing the finished article on the Monochrome Monthly Stitch? 😉

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