Love at First Stitch – The Delphine, mark two!

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During MMMay I realised there was a clear gap in my wardrobe. I needed a fairly simple, black skirt for work to wear with patterned tops. I also really wanted to make another of Tilly’s Delphine Skirts, so it seemed the perfect match.

As you can see I was heavily inspired by Tilly’s ‘Make It Your Own’ section. As a beginner, I often find myself lacking in foresight as to how to adapt patterns so these sections are just perfect for me and it’s a great book for a lazy flick through (cup of tea in hand) of an evening when it’s turned too late to sew:-)

It’s not the most exciting of makes, but I figured the buttons just about raised it to post-worthy. I added an extra inch to the length which was perfect and felt much more comfortable. Again, I machine stitched the inner waistband. It was neater the second time around, but I think I have to admit that hand sewing this would be better, and worth the extra effort.

My slightly heavier fabric, a fifty-fifty linen and cotton mix, emphasised the shape of the design better this time I felt too. Really pleased with this one, so much so in fact that I wore it on two consecutive days this week. Once for work and once for pleasure. The perfect, adaptable skirt 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Love at First Stitch – The Delphine, mark two!

  1. That whole outfit is just great. You look perfect in it! Do your students pay any attention to what you are saying or do they just look at you adoringly 😉 ?

  2. Love your black version of this wardrobe staple. Maybe this will be your ‘one pattern, one week’ item! I agree with Barbara that it looks divine with your mustard cardigan.

    Always great to have a black skirt – its been something I discoverd I needed after MMM too. I plan to make another Simplicity 2154 Pencil skirt in navy or black in the autumn. I’m too busy creating bright coloured things at the moment!

    • Thank you! Isn’t it funny how you can have something hiding in your wardrobe for years, practically unworn and all of a sudden it finds its perfect partner? Seriously, I don’t think the shop I bought this cardigan from is still trading, about time it had its day 🙂

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