Green Ginger, aka The Snooker Table Skirt!

Last time I visited the fabric shop Leon’s in Chorlton, I made a conscious effort to move away from the navy. I just about managed, although did sneak in the paint-splattered-floral I made my Sewing Bee Circle skirt in, which did feature a navy background, whoops! Instead I purchased a lovely cerise linen, which I’m planning to make Tilly and the Buttons’ Delphine Skirt in (my book arrived in the post over the weekend, yay!) and this rather bright, but fabulous green. Proud of my (reasonable) navy avoidance, I took the rolls over to the counter only to find the assistant starting to giggle mischievously…

“What is it?” I asked, perplexed.

“Oh, nothing,” she answered, giggling even more. “But you do know what this is for, don’t you?”

I looked at her puzzled, but intrigued by now. “Errr, no…”

“It’s for covering snooker tables with!”

“Oh! I just really liked the colour” I replied daftly.

“Well it might work,” she said kindly, “let’s have a look at the pattern.”

So I handed over my pattern, giggling too by now. We decided between us that it would be worth a go, and I really do like the colour 😉 I decided to make another Colette Ginger Skirt, which is fast replacing BHL’s Charlotte in my affections. And do you know I think it worked (although I’ve no idea how it will behave when I have to eventually wash it, but as we know, that won’t be too soon if I can possibly avoid it…). I do think I’ll get the giggles every time I wear it though 🙂 My colleagues at work are itching to see my ‘snooker table skirt’ after I regaled them with the tale…

image image

Just after we took these photos, I visited the bathroom and accidentally turned the tap on far too much, spraying my new make. But do you know what? It appears to be water repellant too! Well, would you credit it? Practical to boot! Given that I live in one of the wettest parts of England that should prove pretty darned useful…

On a more serious note I do love this pattern. Even my insides are neat. I clearly need to make each pattern several times before I perfect it…

image image


Please excuse the awful moss on our front path. We’ve been meaning to get out and garden for the last couple of weekends, but it’s been nothing but rain.. Ah, well, it did allow more sewing time and I guess I can live with a bit of moss…


15 thoughts on “Green Ginger, aka The Snooker Table Skirt!

  1. Super coo – I love that your skirt fabric could have be destined for the Crucible in Sheffield!!
    I am also having a green moment – I recently finished my Tulip skirt in bright green too! Great (sewing) minds think alike!

    • Funny! Only worn mine around the house so far, really not sure what to pair it with for Summer. Maybe I need to save it for Winter, or try it with a pale cream blouse? Not sure, will see what you come up with for inspiration 🙂

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