#MMMay14 Final Week Round up


Decided to dig out some ancient, MeMade knitting to ring the changes in the final week. It’s half term this week so more casual wear required. I do love the idea of knitting, but it’s kind of slow going unless you use chunky yarns, which really don’t do a thing for my frame. I seem to remember knitting the above whilst I was off on maternity leave awaiting my son’s arrival. As you can see from the above photo that’s now a flipping long time ago… Rowan magazine number 39 to be exact, Spring/Summer 2006. It’s a design called Lizzie in Rowan All Seasons Cotton and it’s still surprisingly wearable. I was marking at home all day so needed something comfy, but as you can see we did manage to nip out for cake at one point.

image image

Next up was a cardigan I again knitted many moons ago, but this one does get aired pretty often as it goes with a pencil skirt really neatly for work. The deep ribbed waist is really flattering. Again, marking from home today, but I quite liked wearing it casually for a change. It’s a design called Whitney from Rowan’s ‘Classic Cafe’ book one. My mum found me the lovely buttons which I think raises it above the average 🙂

image image

I don’t think this can be quite classed as a cheat seeing as I’ve already met my quota. This is more of a MumMadeMay item, as my mother knitted it for me. Again, I haven’t worn it for yonks, but glad MMMay has made me get it out again. Especially love the waist button detail, my mum is a fantastic and fanatic knitter 🙂


Other MeMade suff that I wore this week, but you’ve already seen –

Above left- Colette Sencha Blouse & Tilly Walnes’ Brigitte Scarf

Above right – Colette Sorbetto Top. Love how I’m attempting to look taller in this photo and my stomach sticking out in a kind of serves you right kind of way.

I have absolutely loved taking part in MMMay14, such a great idea! The disadvantages were few, namely taking the photos and the fluctuating weather. What I’ve learnt? I need to make me some casual wear, pronto! I need to take the plunge and get stuck into sewing knits (I have already ordered Tilly’s Coco Top pattern and am impatiently awaiting its arrival). I also need me some sleeves! What’s surprised me? How wearable most of my MeMades are if I just give it a just a little more thought, and bizarrely my left hand side is definitely my more photographic (who knew? I’ve never had so many photos of myself taken, I’m far more used to being behind the camera). Hope you’ve enjoyed yours too. Roll on MMMay15…


4 thoughts on “#MMMay14 Final Week Round up

  1. Well done on completing your first MMM. I really enjoyed my first year too.
    I think those buttons on your cardigan are gorgeous – they def elevate your garment into another level!
    I honestly had NOT noticed you had a better side for photos – all I can see is a happy lady enjoying her love of sewing and creating garments!!
    Sew-on MMM 2015!

  2. You did very well for your first MMM. Love the buttons on your cardigan and knitting is slow but does help when you can’t access your sewing machine!

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