Me Made Mishap!

I’ve been loving taking part in MMM14 for the first time. Not only have I gained great inspiration from others, but it’s forced me to actually WEAR my Me Made items, which, probably like many others, I didn’t always have the confidence to do in the past. One of my many excuses for not wearing them all that much was a somewhat irrational fear of some kind of clothing malfunction taking place.

Well, on Saturday it proved to be not all that irrational a fear after all…

I happily donned my chambray Ginger for a family day out with friends. What disaster befell me? Well, it certainly could have been a lot worse I guess.There were no rips, tears or holes, but when I came to remove it at the end of the day I was well and truly stuck! The zip just wasn’t budging.

Flummoxed, each of the other three adults with me gave it their best shot, but to no avail 😦 To my annoyance it didn’t even appear to be caught on anything. It was just totally refusing to move at all. I really did love this skirt, but there was nothing for it but to get out the unpicker and ‘rip’ myself out of it…

So now, I’m now left with this…


I’m hoping it can be fixed. After reading Jane’s blog over at Homemade Jane, where she models her lovely, red denim Delphine Skirt from Love At First Stitch, I figured maybe I needed a different type of zip so on Monday I purchased this metal zipper, hoping it might prove stronger.



I’ve only ever done invisible zips, but normal ones are supposed to be easier aren’t they? Might not be as neat as an invisible one, but I’m hoping it’ll last a bit longer and that I can fix the slight pull at the base of the old one I’m replacing.

What’s the worst sewing mishap you’ve experienced?


Colette Ginger Mark Two


So pleased with my second version of Colette’s Ginger skirt in my favourite navy blue. This time I made it in a lovely, fairly stiff linen from Leon’s in Chorlton. Again, the main body of this came together really easily and I even managed to get the waistband attached correctly this time so that even my insides are beautiful 🙂 You’ll have to take my word on this as I didn’t think to take any photographic evidence until writing this up sorry! I’m still none the wiser how I messed it up last time though…

I was going great guns until it came to the zip. Just as last time, it went in easily and neatly. It looked pretty perfect all round until I attempted to do it up… Again, I’d sewn it far too close, grrrrrr…. Out came the unpicker and I handsewed it back up. Maybe third time lucky with this pattern?

I really love the shape and style of this skirt. The linen seemed to suit it perfectly. I’ll definitely be making up many more of these 🙂


My daughter, Wren’s turn behind the camera today. Thank you sweetheart 🙂

#MMMay14 Week 3


Seeing as last week it was all about the tops, it seemed only fitting to make this an unofficial ‘skirt’ week. My original pledge was ‘every other week day’, but I debuted my Ginger skirt last Sunday. Really happy with this, and already have plans for a third and fourth version 🙂

Next up was one of my faithful Charlottes, which I wore to work on Tuesday. This skirt works a lot better with black opaques, but I was at least pretending it was Spring here…



My upcycled Charlotte enjoyed its first outing on Thursday, alongside a much older, upcycled Boden cardigan (polka dot scarf simply attached along inner neck to form tie). Excuse the bad roots in this shot: my appointment’s booked for Monday. And lastly (above right), I thought I’d finish the week with a flounce and a ruffle of yet another Charlotte. Apparently the sun is going to grace Manchester later today, so why not?

Photos throughout courtesy of my eight year old son. Thank you Zach! Already given up attempting to cajole my husband into taking them…