MMMay14 Week 4

I’m beginning to think I may have set my MMMay pledge a little too low as I’ve at least met, if not overachieved my aim each week. And believe me overachieving isn’t a term I’d have applied to myself in the last few years since having kids, more like just-about-achieving! Well, at least I have a benchmark for next year now.


Enjoying Tatton Park in the sunshine, wearing my denim, Colette Ginger skirt, fast becoming a favourite. This was prior to my MeMade mishap…

Debuting my Colette Ginger in navy linen (above right).


Excuse the bad lighting on this one, grabbed a quick photo first thing, before work. Wearing unblogged Sewing Bee Circle skirt and matching Colette Sorbetto top (I had plenty of leftover fabric).

And finally braving the rain, and yes, this is more typical of our usual Manchester weather, though the sun has made a welcome change these past couple of weeks. Wearing my navy, linen Colette Ginger skirt (again), for work.

Another week of skirts (and a clear ‘blue’ theme). Clearly, along with dresses, the most used items in my wardrobe, especially if it’s term time and I’m at school. So I guess my sewing projects have been pretty spot on, if a little ‘dressy’ at times perhaps, but so be it!

Me made wardrobe gaps identified so far? Sleeves! And knits (eek! I really am going to have to bite the bullet on this one). There’s also a noticeable lack of trousers, but as the only ones I actually wear tend to be jeans at the weekends, I’m going to totally disregard this one as they’re so far beyond my skills set at the moment.

So, the twin needle beckons… Cue drum rolls and theme music from Jaws 🙂



6 thoughts on “MMMay14 Week 4

  1. Take the plunge with knits. You can obviously sew so well you’ll pick it up in no time. Far fewer fitting issues for a start! I have quietly been trying Me Made May just to see if I could go for it next year. Knit tops have been used nearly every day both for work and weekends. They can be smart or casual. I have identified that I need more plain things rather than always going for prints. Good luck with the knits!

    • Hi, and thank you! Think I may well have to order a twin needle and be done with it! You should definitely take the plunge with MMMay next year. Getting the photos taken is a pain, but that’s been the only negative. The online community is so supportive 🙂

  2. *Waves hand* Another one who’s realised that knits are the way to go (have you read how Sarai is a big convert?, and who’s hoping to bite the knits and jersey bullet next month.

    (I even purchased the e-course on sewing with knits when it was on offer and hadn’t looked at it *shame-face*, but doing the Wardrobe Architect series on has helped me realise it’s time to dig out that twin-needle, too 🙂 )

    • I’ll take a look, thanks. Have ordered Tilly’s Coco pattern and need to get on with ordering a twin needle today. Next step, searching out some reasonably priced but wearable knit fabrics to practise on. Good luck with yours too, let me know how you get on 🙂

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