Colette Ginger Mark Two


So pleased with my second version of Colette’s Ginger skirt in my favourite navy blue. This time I made it in a lovely, fairly stiff linen from Leon’s in Chorlton. Again, the main body of this came together really easily and I even managed to get the waistband attached correctly this time so that even my insides are beautiful 🙂 You’ll have to take my word on this as I didn’t think to take any photographic evidence until writing this up sorry! I’m still none the wiser how I messed it up last time though…

I was going great guns until it came to the zip. Just as last time, it went in easily and neatly. It looked pretty perfect all round until I attempted to do it up… Again, I’d sewn it far too close, grrrrrr…. Out came the unpicker and I handsewed it back up. Maybe third time lucky with this pattern?

I really love the shape and style of this skirt. The linen seemed to suit it perfectly. I’ll definitely be making up many more of these 🙂


My daughter, Wren’s turn behind the camera today. Thank you sweetheart 🙂


10 thoughts on “Colette Ginger Mark Two

  1. I really like your Ginger. It’s going to be perfect for the sunny weather this week. I wore my second Ginger today which I finished at the weekend – it took a while to match the stripes for the cool chevron effect (my photo is in the MMM14 Flckr group). Keep up the great work x

    • Hi, thanks! I’m certainly hoping it will come in handy. Would love to take a look at your chevron version, but I’m not on Flckr. Hope to see it on your blog at some point 🙂

  2. Looks great, I really like the look together with th blouse. And I see the sun has arrived in Manchester too! Here’s to many more sunny days!!

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