#MMMay14 Week 3


Seeing as last week it was all about the tops, it seemed only fitting to make this an unofficial ‘skirt’ week. My original pledge was ‘every other week day’, but I debuted my Ginger skirt last Sunday. Really happy with this, and already have plans for a third and fourth version 🙂

Next up was one of my faithful Charlottes, which I wore to work on Tuesday. This skirt works a lot better with black opaques, but I was at least pretending it was Spring here…



My upcycled Charlotte enjoyed its first outing on Thursday, alongside a much older, upcycled Boden cardigan (polka dot scarf simply attached along inner neck to form tie). Excuse the bad roots in this shot: my appointment’s booked for Monday. And lastly (above right), I thought I’d finish the week with a flounce and a ruffle of yet another Charlotte. Apparently the sun is going to grace Manchester later today, so why not?

Photos throughout courtesy of my eight year old son. Thank you Zach! Already given up attempting to cajole my husband into taking them…


2 thoughts on “#MMMay14 Week 3

  1. Zach is doing a great job with the photos and your skirts all look very stylish. How does the waistband on the Ginger wear, is it comfortable?

    • And he does it with a smile too Sharon, which is more than what can be said for my husband! I’ve only worn this twice, so I might have to get back to you on how it wears. Good so far:-)

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