Inspiration Arrives…


Ooh, look what’s arrived in the post!

Now there really is no more excuses for breaking out of my Charlotte rut. Notice they all clearly say ‘beginner’ too, so I should be able to manage them…

Does anyone have any advice on their sizes though? Their waist sizes are teeny tiny! I think a 2 (whatever that is) would be ok for my hips and bust, but if I follow their measurements to the letter I’d be more of a 6 in the waist area. I think I cut a 4 for their Sorbetto top, maybe I’ll plump for that again… Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Now which one first? I’m thinking the Ginger…


6 thoughts on “Inspiration Arrives…

  1. Do the patterns have finished garment measurements on them? This would give you a much better idea of the sizing.and then you could use a garment that you like the fit of and compare the measurements.

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