Eye-Eye Charlotte


I know, I know it’s yet another Charlotte, but this one is a refashioned one (it used to be a dress- see below) in a beautiful, khaki, eyelet fabric.

I originally bought this dress from eBay. It’s by the now defunct Jesire, which was great for petites. They used American sizes though, so although this was advertised as a UK size 8, it was actually an American size 8 (which I think equates to a UK size 12?) so far too big for me. I thought about having it professionally taken in, but never actually got round to it and it’s been hanging sadly in my wardrobe ever since. If I’m honest it was a bit too ‘strappy’ and revealing at the back too, so I’m not sure I even would have worn it on holiday, let alone in the UK.

I did think twice before I hacked into it, but it seemed a shame not to put the fabric to better use. Khaki, originally an Urdu/Persian word, temptingly translates as ‘dust-coloured’ and might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but I find it a really useful neutral and a nice change from my usual navy blue.

Initially I attempted to unpick the dress, but soon realised this would take an eternity, so simply cut round beneath the bodice. I then cut out both the skirt and lining as usual, but retained the pretty, pleated detail to the hem, by carefully measuring my required length beforehand. I then unpicked part of the bodice section to use as the waistband. I was a bit worried about this, but it attached in the same way as the pattern. I used two hook and eyes to fasten at the back, but I’m not entirely happy with this, so may well try poppers instead for a closer fit. Either that or maybe one larger hook and eye instead of two – not sure, but it’s not lying flat enough at the moment so I’ll have to have a further play around with it.

I promise I did carefully press it before these photos were taken, but I guess it’s just going to crease loads regardless. I don’t think a bit of creasing looks too bad in the summer though, do you?




5 thoughts on “Eye-Eye Charlotte

  1. It looks great! I always think it’s wonderful knowing that no one else has the same garment as you. I bought some Khaki linen this week for a new project, and although it has a mix of fibres it still creases a little. However, after seeing your skirt I don’t need to worry! Khaki rocks!!

      • I am going to make the crossover waistcoat in this months Burda mag. Tracing the pattern gave me a headache (too many lines!), but I love the pattern and I hope it’s worth the cross eyes! I’ve done a mock up with some cheap fabric and it’s a little on the big side, so I’ll have to adjust it slightly. Wish me luck! 😉

  2. Hey this looks really good – who would know it used to be a dress! Excellent work there. This is also my first time taking part in MMM and I have managed to persuade a few different people for photos so far – think I will run out of ‘friends’ at the end of the month ; )

    • Hi and thank you! I’m really pleased with it- just need to sort the fastening out before I can wear it. I think the photographs are going to be the worse part of the challenge;-) I have to cajole my husband, or make do with my children’s grainy/ blurred shots. I’m trying to work on my ‘selfies’… What’s your pledge?

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