Well, the first week was pretty easily achieved. I pledged to wear refashioned or MeMade items every other week day and here you have it! Done and dusted! I promise it’ll require a little more effort next week…

I thought I’d be brave and give my most flamboyant Charlotte its very first outing to kick start the event. It did feel pretty over-the-top for work, but I figured it just had to be- I can’t exactly imagine wearing it at the weekends whilst messing around with kids and we don’t have any weddings to attend this year, more’s the pity.

It certainly put a bit of a spring in my step on a drizzly, Mancunian Thursday, with its zingy brightness. (The photos were taken yesterday, as I knew there would be no one around to take them today). One colleague even referred to it as being a bit ‘saucy’, which in my book is certainly no bad thing 😉


#MMMay 14 Week 1

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