A Sunny Sorbetto or Two


This is a great, free pattern from Colette. If you’re a beginner like me then I’d definitely recommend trying it. It only took me a couple of hours to run up each of these and with the exception of the somewhat fiddly bias binding on the second, they were really easy to put together.

I used a fairly stiff, white poplin for the first one. As you can see I broke out the embellishments for both of these 🙂 On the white one I used a chevron ribbon I got free with a sewing magazine a while back, to break up the white. I also used some white, embroidered trimming I had spare. I used it around the neckline and armhole circles instead of bias binding too. This seemed to work, but I hope it doesn’t start to unravel… I improvised a little and used more of a fold on the front, rather than the pleat as guided, in order to show the embroidery off better.

I used a light-weight blue and white gingham for my second version. The ready-made bias binding I bought was really narrow and proved pretty fiddly to put in, but I just about managed it. Again I used some embellishment to the pleated front. This time a pretty, swallow print ribbon, that again came free with a sewing magazine.

My only reservation with the Sorbetto top is that the length is pretty short. At five foot two and an important half I’m clearly no giant and it only just works. This might end up being pretty cropped on someone taller.

I’m really pleased with both of these. I used up fabric I already had in, but it would be nice to try them with some especially bought fabrics next time – I’m thinking florals? I’m hoping these two will work just as well for work as they do with jeans. Just in time for MeMadeMay too, phew!




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