The Polly Goes Gingham


This is my second attempt at ByHand London’s Polly Top. The first one needs a little reworking before I venture out in public in it. After completing this second version, I think it was my previous fabric choice that didn’t really work out the first time around. I’m slowly getting better at matching fabrics to patterns…

This was a free downloadable pattern (hurrah!), which is a bit like a giant jigsaw putting it together, but a bit tricky to keep to your selected size once you start cutting it out, especially the odd piece which you only need a tiny corner from. I originally cut a size 10, which was perfect for the Charlotte skirt, but far too loose in this design, so this time I cut an 8. Truthfully, I think I’m probably somewhere between the two, I can just about get this over my head.

I’ve tried making my own bias binding in the past and failed miserably, so this time I simply bought some ready made and it went in without a hitch. The contrasting fabrics are a bit out of my comfort zone but I actually think I’ll get lots of wear out of this item 🙂

Now I need to go back to my first version and attempt to rework it…



7 thoughts on “The Polly Goes Gingham

  1. Oh that’s so cute! I love the pattern combination. I actually just downloaded the pattern the other day, but now I just need to figure out what fabrics to use.

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  3. hi, loving the gingham Polly! What size spotty bias binding did you buy as I measured the pattern piece and it was 38mm – can’t find any of that size and Abakhan only have 30mm spotty

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