Silver Spots and Lace


I picked up this bargain of a skirt for just £4.50 from the Didsbury Cancer Research shop. It’s a Jaeger Boutique skirt, so lovely quality and I strongly suspect never actually been worn. It was however a size too small and incredibly short. I though it was worth a gamble though and I’m so glad I picked it up.

I originally thought I’d attempt to add either some black lace or even a contrasting ribbon, but when I got it home and had a rummage through my trimmings box, I remembered the silver lace from my previous upcycling project. It matched the silver thread of the spots perfectly and I had just about enough.

So I simply unpicked the hem, which gave me an extra inch and a half, then carefully pinned and hand-sewed the lace to the wrong side of the skirt. Simple but effective. As for the waist, I simply moved the button back along the waistband to increase its width.

Unbelievably, the sun is still out, hence the sunglasses. It’s probably more of a Winter, or even Christmas wear item, but I’ve no doubt the Manchester drizzle will be back with us before long so I might manage an outing in this before next Winter.




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