The Charlotte in Springtime


Yes, you guessed it… it’s another ByHand London Charlotte 🙂

in my defence unlike its predecessors this definitely heralds in Spring. I think three must be my lucky formula when it comes to reproducing patterns, because this one came together surprisingly easily. The main part of the skirt was pretty speedy to make up, although this fabric did fray rather alarmingly. I’m hoping it doesn’t integrate once I start wearing it…

I added the ruffle this time just to try to make it a little different from the earlier two. I’m pretty sure I must have missed an instruction or two out whilst I was following the online tutorial though, as I couldn’t fit it to the right hand side of the fabric at all. I also needed it a lot shorter as well, due to my limited height so I had to improvise a bit, but I think I just about pulled it off. This is by far my neatest hand sewn item so far and I’m really pleased with it.

I even added the lace trim to the waist, which I had in my stash. I was inspired by the beautiful Notre Dame skirts from Bodenbut as I didn’t have the right shade of grosgrain ribbon, I though this lace would do just as well.

My only reservation with this make that is that it’s ended up being pretty dressy. I had planned to wear if for work, but it’s ended up a bit ‘wedding’-y. I’ll have to play around a bit with dressing it down. I’m thinking grey knitwear to avoid it straying into ‘mother of the bride’ territory, not that mothers of the brides can’t look great of course, but at the grand old age of 41 too ‘classic’ can have the habit of making me look a bit dowdy…


Thank you daughter for the photos again!

Jumper Hobbs, shoes and necklace M and S.



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