The Charlotte, mark two.


My second attempt at ByHand London’s Charlotte skirt went much more smoothly. The purchase of an invisible foot zipper was definitely worth while; it went in first time. Phew! I went for a navy blue (my default colour setting) and white, tweed-like fabric this time, again from my local fabric shop.

I could lie and say I totally planned the lace trim to the hem, but I’ll come clean and admit that in my haste to cut out the fabric and get going with the sewing, I shortened without measuring and ended up with the finished item being far too short- lesson learnt! Luckily I already had the lace and it worked perfectly to give an extra couple of inches to the length.

Although the inside’s not perfect, this was a much neater version than my first effort at this pattern. It’s definitely a pattern I feel I’ll return to again and again.

My six year old daughter took the second photograph, hence the ‘arty’ angle and yes, there is a rare glimmer of sun in Manchester today, but I’m not quite ready to part with the black opaques just yet 🙂



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