Just a snip…

image image

I picked this beauty up from a charity shop in Didsbury for just £6. I’m not sure if it was intended to be a tunic top or a dress, but the fabric was beautiful and I’m not sure if it’s even been worn at all. It’s a Principles Petite item so the fit was great across the chest and arms, but the length was just too long to be flattering on me. It seemed perfect for a make over…

My first thought was to attempt to make it into some kind of a skirt, but on closer inspection, the side zip which gave it such a great fit, scuppered any chances of that. I did notice however that there were two layers of lace creating the detail at the bottom, so I simply unpicked the lower layer and then re-hemmed the lining. Luckily, the top piece of lace was already finished beautifully making this a really easy up cycling project. I’m so pleased with this, it’s ended up resembling something you’d have to pay ten times the price of from Boden 🙂

The lace I snipped away even looks useful. I’m thinking of some kind of collar…


Trousers M and S, belt TKMaxx and necklace Accesorise.


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