Lovely in lilac

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I picked up this partly-made, what can only be described as a ‘house coat’ at one of the many, brilliant charity shops in nearby Didsbury. I often come home laden with second-hand books for both myself and my children but one of the shops seems to stock fabric cut-offs such as this. I suspect from house clearances.

It started off as the bottom half only, so presumably was abandoned by its original owner mid-make, but I was attracted to the colour and ‘slubby’ fabric. My limited sewing skills made the obvious up-cycling choice of yet another (I know! I have branched out since…) simple, gathered skirt. I really liked the pockets though, which had been neatly attached and frayed, so decided to keep them. It still had a bit of an ‘old lady’ feel to it though so I broke out the rickrack to try and make it a little more modern. I was really pleased with the results and it’s photographed pretty well, but I must admit I’m as yet to wear it 😦 Think the material is just a bit too bulky, but maybe I should give it a whirl?

Jumper- Linea @ House of Fraser

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